New Sentence for Man Who Killed His Grandmother

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BEAVER TOWNSHIP -- A man convicted of killing his grandmother in Snyder County is getting his sentence reduced.

Joshua Snook requested a new trial claiming his attorney was not effective.

He was convicted of killing Bonnie Snook at a home near Middleburg back in 2013.

Snook was sentenced to 20 to 60 years.

Prosecutors made a deal with Snook Tuesday to withdraw his request for a new trial in exchange for a new sentence.

Snook will now spend at least 16 years behind bars.


  • Kelli

    so Joshua Snook can slit his grandmother’s throat, murder her, steal from her, and leave his grandfather widowed w/ advanced altzheimers and get a LESSER sentence… I would say the prosecution should be fired! He deserves LIFE w/out parole or death sentence only.. he does NOT deserve to ever be left out!

  • The Hangman

    What is wrong with these prosecutors?? The only thing he should be getting is a lethal injection!! And responsible citizens wonder why our system is broke. No one has a pair to do what is right which is why this country is going down the tubes and those that care are helpless to prevent it. How could anyone kill their grams?????

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