Montrose Teachers Strike

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MONTROSE -- Students in one part of Susquehanna County are getting a longer Easter break.  Their teachers are on strike.

More than 100 teachers in the Montrose Area School District walked off the job Tuesday morning after not being able to come to a contract agreement with the school board.

They've been working under the terms of an old contract that ran out last August.

The main sticking point is salary

There are signs of support for teachers but not everyone is siding with the union.

"We'll be here Thursday, we'll be here on Friday, but we hope we won't. We want to be back in the classroom, but the only way to do that is to have a settlement and the only way to do that is to negotiate across the table," said MEA president Teri Evans.

Officials at that school in Susquehanna County tell Newswatch 16 the strike can't last any longer than nine days.


  • Guest

    Another day, another teaching strike. Sigh. You work 180 days (plus in-service days), have healthcare, a pension, get all holidays off, don’t have to work an on-call rotation, etc. Take a step back, sometime, and think about just how good you have it.

  • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

    Everyone who does not support our teachers should home school their own children, you know…..since teaching is SOOOO easy. Plus reducing the tax burden would be nice since I already am tired of supporting so many in Susquehanna county who REFUSE to work. Better yet, stop having children you can’t afford and don’t support. I for one support the teachers because they are trying to help this country by educating the next generation, not just mooching off the system. THERE is another TRUTH you don’t want to hear.

    • magicmikexxsm

      .since teaching is SOOOO easy. ………………………………….
      Nobody says it was easy, I’m sure it has some trying times…..but let’s face it teachers are pampered babies

  • rnasca

    Student SAT scores in the Montrose Area School District are below the national average. The teacher response to this? “Gimmee More”.

    • Jay

      Actually, that is far from true. Montrose ranks higher than the state average and is listed just below Abington Heights and Dallas. Check your facts before making comments.

      • rnasca

        From January to June 2011, 93 Montrose Area School District students took the SAT exams. The district’s Verbal Average Score was 492. The Math average score was 483. The Writing average score was 481. Pennsylvania ranked 40th among states with SAT scores: Verbal – 493, Math – 501, Writing – 479. In the United States 1.65 million students took the exam in 2011. They averaged 497 (out of 800) verbal, 514 math and 489 in writing

  • typical 180 days worked per year dope

    teachers have no idea how good they have it…..try working in the real world they wouldn’t last a week.

    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      As someone WHO HAS been in factory, construction AND education, I can tell you that your opinion is just that. You have no clue, teaching is the most stressful (thanks to government and book manufacturer interference, as well as the great parenting of the age). Tell us all what YOU do (if in fact you do work) for a living. Teaching is far from an eight hour day. How much education do YOU have??? A Masters Plus??? IF we let anyone who “thinks” they can do a better job have at it, we would be far worse off. I support the teachers over there, more members of society should do the same or just stop having children.


        180 days is correct. Those who can…..DO. Those who can’t……TEACH.

      • try harder next time

        “factory, contruction, and education”.
        So you failed, failed, and finally found success in education? Proves you can’t cut it in the real world, only in fantasy teacher world.

    • Caring

      As a parent of MASD kids, I have found our teachers to be hardworking, caring human beings. Many have gone above and beyond to ensure my children succeed. Raise or no raise, they do NOT deserve abusive or cruel comments on the Internet.



    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      Please expand for us all just how much EDUCATION education you have???? How much effort have you put into the education PROBLEM in this country, because it starts in Washington DC. Please, share with us.

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