Man Charged with Beating Pregnant Wife in Columbia County

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BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Adam Kaiser of Briar Creek Township is charged with a brutal attack on his pregnant wife.

"Sick, there's something the matter with him, must be,” said neighbor Bob Guinther.

Kaiser's wife, Alexis, is eight-months pregnant with a baby girl. According to court papers, Adam Kaiser woke her at their home on 6th Avenue in Briar Creek Township Friday night. He asked her for money to pay some fines and when she said they would pay them online, Alexis told cops Adam "went nuts," accusing her of being unfaithful, calling her a "whore," and throwing her off the bed and beating her.

At one point, she told police Adam made her lay on her stomach while he stomped on her back.

Alexis says he threatened to "cut the baby out of me and take her" when he went to the kitchen to get a knife to "slit her throat," she ran out of the house and down the street to her father's home for help.

"I feel bad about that. I feel bad about her. I talked to him. I didn't have no problem with him with him. I didn't even know he was that bad. In the paper it said he was in jail before for home invasion and that was news to me,” said Richard Smethers of Briar Creek Township, who lives next door to the Kaisers.

Alexis Kaiser was taken to the emergency room to be checked out.

No one answered the door at the Kaiser home or Alexis Kaiser's father's house Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Adam Kaiser ran off, turning himself in later.

"My husband said the police were going up and down the street and then they were on foot checking everyone's porch and everything but we didn't actually know what took place 'til the next day,” said Barbara Kreischer of Briar Creek Township.


  • sherry davis

    This man is trouble,his whole family is always will be. His brother Bobby and cousin Josh Kingston robbed my house in 2006 been in and out of jail since they are all trash!

    • barbie

      I’m glad that you could tell the truth. No one wants to listen to the truth when we tell people what Steven Avery is like. They want to believe a Netflix movie. We, who lived in the town know the truth about Avery and his family same as you who live in the same town as the Kaiser family.

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