Voter Registration Deadline Day

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STROUDSBURG -- If you haven’t registered to vote in the Pennsylvania primary next month, you have until midnight.

The staff at Monroe County’s Board of Elections office fights to keep up with the applications pouring in.  Each envelope is a voter registration; party or address change.

The deadline to fill one out for the Pennsylvania primary happens to be right now.

"It's the last day to make any changes to your registration, address, party change, register to vote if you're not registered,” said Monroe County Board of Elections Director Sara May-Silfee.

Registered voter Marion Rando of East Stroudsburg says she dropped in right under the wire to switch from a ‘D’ to an ‘R’.

"No. I didn't know, today is the last day isn't it.  I'm lucky,” said Rando.

About 850 applications were filed online just this past weekend in Monroe County.

Pennsylvania has a closed primary, so you can only vote for the party you are affiliated with.  Independents can only vote on the ballot questions.

All Pennsylvania voter applications have to be postmarked by Monday. You can also make any change online up until midnight.

Paula Shivock is an East Stroudsburg University student and decided to register online in her home county of Wyoming.

"That made it so much easier; it gave me more incentive to do it because I was able to just register while I was checking my emails doing my homework.  So it made it easier,” said Paula Shivock of Nicholson.

If you miss the deadline, registration opens back up before the presidential race.

Poll worker Ann Super of Stroudsburg says she’s ready for large crowds and an exciting race.

"I think it will be interesting and I'm exciting to hear of the aftermath and how it will all turn out,” said Super.

Click here to register online.