Teachers to Strike in Montrose Area

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- Teachers in the Montrose Area School District are scheduled to be on the picket line Tuesday.

Members of the teachers union and the school board cannot come to a contract agreement, so teachers in the school district have given notice they will go on strike.

"I think it's kind of childish to be honest because I mean, yeah, you don't understand all like the stuff that they're going through but I feel like they could come to an agreement if they just kind of grew up,” said Caroline Stack, a Montrose Area student.

According to the district website and board members, the main issue is salaries. District officials say teachers in Montrose Area are among the best paid in the area, even the state. But union members say they've been negotiating ‘in good faith’ and thought they had agreed on a contract, only to be offered ‘a different proposal.’

But union members say they've been negotiating ‘in good faith’ and thought they had agreed on a contract, only to be offered ‘a different proposal.’There are signs of support for the teachers in the area.

There are signs of support for the teachers in the area.

Theresa Vaccaro's mom is a teacher in the district.

"A lot of people are saying it's the teachers' fault and it's really not their fault because the school board is not cooperating but I mean I guess they have to do what they have to do but I just wish it didn't have to end like this,” said Theresa Vaccaro, a Montrose Area student.

Not everyone sides with the union.

"I think that the teachers are just being greedy, I think they're overpaid already, one teacher makes $10,000 more than the average house income in our County, I think it's ridiculous,” said Patrick Strickland of Montrose.

Patrick Strickland is related to a school board member. He worries about the toll the strike will take on everyone.

“Kids, families, working-families, I mean what are you supposed to do with your kids when there's no school? I mean I have to take off work, my wife works, like somebody has to be home with your kids."

There's no word exactly how long this strike will last.although school officials tell us it cannot go any longer than 9 days.

Although school officials tell us it cannot go any longer than nine days.


  • Jim Thorpe

    Is there any semblance of editing and journalism in this article? There are repeating sentences and run-on sentences. The reporter is interviewing students more than adults (and unfairly doesn’t make them sound all that intelligent). There are no quotes from the teacher union president or school board president (or saying that they didn’t have a comment). There is no information on how long the teachers have been working without a contract. How does WNEP 16 assign beat assignments?

    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      But people getting their money by over charging for child care and popping out a large numbers of children, then scamming the system is fine? Much better than getting a REAL Education degree, HMMMM. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • rnasca

    Student SAT scores in the Montrose Area School District are below the national average. The teacher response to this? “Gimmee More”.

    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      I think its great to see that they haven’t magically become above average by changing test scores, like many schools do. Of course, a child education goals start at home. Mine is a high honors student. YOURS????

  • Im not mad...just disappointed

    Im all about people getting paid what they think they are worth, but why hurt the kids? Why not negotiate a contract in the summer? I realize you may not get the same outcome or the school board not take you as serious, but help the kids! I think somebody working for the district should also be responsible for child care for the students while the teachers strike. Its not the students nor the parents fault so why should they suffer?

  • Dave Donnora

    This is a terrible example of responsibility by using our kids as leverage. I was on the teachers side till they voted to strike. This during a year with a state budget impasse. They are being petty and childish. Schools have gone a year or more before getting a contract agreed upon without a strike. All this does is interrupt the children’s studies and education. It disrupts the parents of the students as well. Now I hope the school board holds out and gives them nothing and the new contract needs to include wording not to allow future strikes during the school year. They can strike in the summer.

    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      Strike during the summer?????? You should really think about that and let it sink in. Did you stretch a condom over your child”s head and them wonder why it didn’t disappear? Please don’t reproduce and if you did, give them up for adoption to someone with a brain.

  • Griffin Peterson

    When are the teachers going to show solidarity with those in the private sector?

    Why don’t they protest at industrial parks and stores?

    • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

      For the same reason you don’t see them drink beer and wine out in public as much as everyone else. We like to hold them to a higher stand and crucify them for it. Unless we are talking about attained education and skill levels/pay…..then we ignore THEIR accomplishments. And we wonder why America has such a problem.

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