Remembering the Life of Mother Angelica

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DUNMORE -- People in our area are looking back on and celebrating the life of a woman who founded the Eternal Word Television Network -- Mother Angelica.

She died on Easter Sunday after a stroke at the age of 92.

Trudy Stroney from Clarks Green remembers the day she met Mother Angelica.

"It was just a wonderful memory and how she came out, and I knew she was a saint to begin with, but knowing that she went to everyone in the audience and shook their hand," Stroney recalled.

Stroney traveled to Birmingham, Alabama in 2001 to see a taping of Mother Angelica's show. The nun was famously known as a TV personality on EWTN.

Stroney was upset to hear of Mother Angelica's passing.

"I know she is in heaven. I mean, she was just so, so remarkable."

Inside Building the Kingdom of God, a store that sells religious goods in Dunmore, EWTN is always on in the background.

Owner Kimberly Marchese sells Mother Angelica books and CDs.

"I think it's a sad day for everyone because I think a lot of people watch EWTN and she has been such a renowned figure in the Catholic community," said Marchese.

"She was able to deliver her message in humor and this way she was able to get the people's attention and they all liked her," said Georgiana Cherinchak.

A mass of Christian burial is expected to take place for Mother Angelica on Friday in Alabama.