Luzerne County Community College Planning To Convert Pittston Building

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PITTSTON -- The last time someone deposited a check at the old M&T Bank on South Main Street in Pittston was three years ago before it closed.

But soon, the vacant building could be what officials describe as a centerpiece of downtown Pittston.

Nanticoke-based Luzerne County Community College plans to convert the building into what will be called the M&T Bank Educational Center.

"It'll be a big improvement for the merchants of the downtown and it can keep us on track in terms of growing the downtown,” said Mike Lombardo of the Pittston Redevelopment Authority.

The bank's old drive-thru will be replaced with an addition to the building. Crews also plan to add more green space around it.

The city believes the potential to bring hundreds of students downtown can be a big economic boost to business like the Majestic Lunch across the street.

“I think that's a good thing. It'll bring more business to town, because they'll be looking for places to eat, and we're right across the street,” said Debby Sherfield.

With the addition of 200 to 300 students coming right to downtown Pittston, parking could get tight. But the city is looking at that in a positive light.

“The idea of a parking problem isn't a bad problem. It means we're growing, and that we to do other things. And we're cognizant of that,” Lombardo said.

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