Veteran Surprised with Free Roof Replacement

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MILL HALL -- Generosity was alive and well in Clinton County Tuesday. A veteran had gone out to breakfast and when he returned home, he found a construction company preparing to put a new roof on his house all for free.

Donald Hills, 84, from Mill Hall took a few steps onto his front lawn before he noticed.

"I think that was the first time I've seen Don speechless."

A crowd including the owner of WB 4 Construction was waiting for the former paratrooper to come home.

"We're here to put your roof on today,” said Wayne Bower.

“You are? Oh my God," said Hills.

"I lost all the words I was going to say to him, because he instantly started to cry so kind of made me choke up a little bit."

Looking to do something good for his community, a few months ago Wayne Bower, the owner of the construction company from Lock Haven, reached out to a veterans association.

"They led us to Mr. Hills who obviously needed a new roof," said Bower.

"Just to know people will help you," said Donald Hills.

A project like this one takes planning. Bower and his crew came by the house before the big surprise.

"We actually showed up while Mr. Hills was home and measured his roof out and he never even knew we were here," said Bower.

Contracting out this job would have cost the family about $6,000 to complete. It's something they would not have been able to afford on their own.

"I don't think it could have happened to a nicer guy," said Sergeant Terry Banfill.

"To do all of this for a military man is great,” said Dave Wagner from the 82nd Airborne Color Guard.

"What could I say? My God, they know we appreciate it. Believe me, they know," said Hills.

The entire project comes at no cost to Donald Hills and his wife. The construction crew started the roofing project Tuesday morning and finished in the afternoon. Because it went so well this year, the company hopes to make this "act of charity" an annual event.

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