Police: Pittston Man Locked Up for Making Meth

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PITTSTON -- Police in Luzerne County say they've shut down a meth making operation.

Christopher Williams, 31, was allegedly making meth in the basement of a home along Elizabeth Street in Pittston.

Williams is locked up. He's accused of making drugs and endangering the welfare of children.


  • Truth be told

    Why is everyone trying to defend this person? The cops will not put out all info in the beginning just so you know…. Allegedly is used so no one gets sued…. One more druggie off the streets is a good thing….mtheis dude can say bye bye to his child…. I know it is hard to swallow but the dude is up shits creek with no paddle!!?

  • Valfreyja

    The sad part is I know that neighborhood. I have family there and spent a good amount of time playing with my family’s children and the neighborhood children when I was growing up. It was the type of place parents wouldn’t think twice about just letting their children run outside and play without much supervision at all. Now it’s gone to utter hell. The whole town has. Elizabeth Street is not some slum, either, the type of place you would expect this sort of thing. The speed with which that town has gone down hill is astonishing and for those of us who were children there not so long ago it’s heartbreaking to see.

  • Jake

    I’m sure he will be like the other’s who got caught and sell out other’s to just get a deal with the da. They sell out others when they get caught to save their own butt.

  • JM

    I get a kick out of the people who are running to the defense of this chump. We all make choices. He had a choice. Even if it wasn’t his meth factory, he had a choice and he picked the wrong choice. It sucks that your son, nephew, grandson, boyfriend, brother – whatever he is to his defenders, got his tit caught in the ringer. Let him pay the price for his crimes and move on, but for the love of God, don’t make excuses for him and continue to enable his bad behavior…

      • KnowsTheseFacts

        JJ where you there to witness the police kicking in the door? If you say yes you are a liar. They didn’t kick the door. And they also did not remove a meth lab.

      • KnowsTheFacts

        a USER he is. Just wanted to put out the FACT that the door was not kicked in and especially NOT while he was making meth. That was what you stated was a FACT. If you read what was reported it clearly states that he was ALLEGEDLY making meth. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Ann

    Its about time he got busted. Its sad that he was doing this in the home which his daughter lives. What i dont get is how come his live in drug addict girlfriend didnt get in trouble for the meth lad as well. Its a shame for the kids to have drug addicts for patients. When the older son goes to school kids will be picking on him because of the parents only only of theirselfs.

    • Castigat

      Regardless of the point you’re trying to make, go back and read your post. I really don’t like to be the “grammar” guy, but you can see what you’re typing, right?

      • pittstonblows

        Pittstonfinest and I’m sure your quite the perfect person. Throwing all those names out there I’m betting you loved the pipe or white stuff right along with them!!! SMDFH

      • Hate the gossip

        Pittstonsfinest. You are throwing names out there. Yet you can’t put your real name to stand by your comment. Three have been in trouble in the past they all have paid for the choices they made. But Joelene has not. Again another simple minded person who doesn’t know the meaning of karma. Hope you get your karma .

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