Drugs, Guns, Cash Seized in Drug Bust

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KINGSTON -- More than $50,000 worth of marijuana has landed five people behind bars in Luzerne County.

Kingston officers seized 12 pounds of pot, five guns, and over $44,000 in cash in Thursday's bust.

Police charged Matthew Klinges, 21, of Kingston; Matthew Mackiewicz, 18, of Forty Fort; and Jordan Stravolo, 22, of Kingston.

Authorities say the arrests were part of a two-month investigation into a marijuana distribution ring in the Kingston area that included selling the drugs to high school students.

Rachel Rosario, 41, and her son Ruben Rosario, 19, both of Wilkes-Barre were arrested by Wilkes-Barre police in connection with the drug ring.


  • wth

    Way to go low life mom! Get your son arrested! If he wants to be that stupid on his own; that’s on him, but obviously you helped get him there! Loser mom of the year award!

  • The majority

    Well…..That’s my point Poonus……these kids wouldn’t have been in business to begin with. I don’t care about the rest of your argument. I care who stopped the bill from being voted on the floor. That kind of obstruction needs to be punished, people NEED to loose their jobs. None of that is happening. What is happening is that people are going to jail for BS. I say vote democrat……it’s the easiest thing to do to get rid of the immediate problem where this is concerned. I hope that in the future there are more parties to choose from and real public servants. I’ve got another concern…..since people have been making money off selling weed for a living……what are they gonna do when it’s legal….which will be soon. What are those people going to do for work….will there be more robberies and murders….will there be more home invasions. Colorado isn’t having a problem but they have different demographics that this area. This area is extremely poor in comparison. Desperation is a dangerous thing to behold.

    • wth

      That’s no excuse for becoming a criminal! These young men have other options which take a little time, training, patience, and hard work; apparently they want EZ money fast!

  • Poonus

    PA house passes medical marijuana bill, blame who you will …doesn’t matter.
    I choose not to smoke because it’s a choice, if you choose to that’s your business. There should be a general vote on this years ballots, legalize recreational weed or not- let the people decide.

    legal weed would have put these young dealers out of business because there would be no profit in it.
    R or D I don’t care, but think of a minute, if the federal government needed an amendment to prohibit alcohol, and then restore it why are they using the UN classes to make policy on drugs. What if Nixon never made the war on drugs legally and lawfully, and they have been enforcing policies pushed by the UN mandate? not lawfully- but profitable for the enforcers who confiscate your property and money if your involved in violating their policies. the war on drugs actually made them money, and made illegal drugs profitable.

    explain to me where the amendment is prohibiting classes of drugs that are currently prohibited, and explain to me who in congress voted for that amendment….

    again I don’t care if you do or don’t, but I don’t agree with unlawfulness hiding as laws for confiscation of property and civil asset forfeiture under fake laws that were created as policy under UN mandate, no one in America voted for that.


    ITS nice to see morrons support dealing drugs to our kids. Real nice..

    • Dennis

      You mean *morons and your light use of the word “drugs” is amusing. I hope your against your doctor giving prescriptions to your children also, or that would make you a hypocrite. Consider they are FAR MORE harmful

      • wth

        Definitely a true story! Parents either are ignorant of, (no excuse these days by the way altho l learned ALL about pych drugs pushed on kids BEFORE the internet), or they don’t care because they’re lazy, or just don’t feel they should or could question the doctors. Some blame the doctors..well, we thought we could trust them. That’s neither here nor there, we alone bottom line are responsible for what we put in our bodies or our kids’ bodies! Indefinitely agree that the drugs dished out to kids AND everyone else like M&M’s are way more harmful and 90% of the time ineffective. They allow a combination of “legal” meth, tranqs, and AD’s to be pumped into their kids as well as themselves. WAY more dangerous than pot could ever be to anyone! That being said; I still would not approve of clowns like this selling their wares to minors. It’s not their place! And what’s with the guns? How many guns does someone actually need? Oh, one for each of ’em..makes sense…something wrong goes down…they then go from pot dealer to murderer.

  • Felicia J.

    Meanwhile, multiple other states have legalized this plant and are using it to boost the economy. Here in PA, we put kids behind bars for half their life wasting tax payers money.

  • Weed out the dealers

    There were actually 20 lbs but 8 got lost in the process 😉 The state should jump on board.. The demand is obviously high(no pun intended) and that could be a significant amount of money going into the state and less potentially dangerous situations like this one..

    • jimbrony

      The fact remains that it is still illegal. Those arrested know it’s illegal and they still decided to break the law. So, it isn’t a waste of jail space if people that choose to break the law (any law) get caught and have to pay for their decision. Plus they were selling it to minors. Medical use is already on the way to help those that could benefit from it. So – for the time being – if you want to waste your mind – go get a case of beer or bottle of booze and have at it. For now – it’s still illegal – deal with it. I have no sympathy for people that choose to break the law and get caught.

      • Dennis

        Talk about “wasting” your mind. Do you even understand how much money is wasted by the state keeping people like this behind bars? Apparently not or you would see the problem with locking people up for a harmless plant.

      • wth

        Agreed, it’s not like anyone in this crew is a beacon of morals and ethics overall…as most criminals aren’t..church on Sunday herbal medicine shopkeep the rest of the week..yeah right! Most criminals imbibe at many different levels and diverse markets..

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