Video Captures Crash and Shows Dangers of Tailgating (And Brake-Checking)

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LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. – Police are investigating a crash that was caught on vehicle’s dashboard camera and posted to YouTube.

The video shows an SUV closely following a car on I-41 near Green Bay on Thursday morning, according to WBAY.

Just seconds later, the driver of the car suddenly hits the brakes, causing the SUV to lose control and crash into the median.

Police say the driver who crashed into the median was cited, and the driver who tapped the brakes hasn’t been identified.

The driver who hit the brakes has not been identified. Police did not say if that driver will face charges.


  • jabroni

    “got what he deserved?” What if the SUV rolled over and a child was killed, or anyone for that matter? Would that be “deserving” as well? You people are all a bunch of f’in morons. They were both at fault, but nobody “deserves” to be in an accident or have their vehicle destroyed because someone else didn’t like how close someone was to their bumper. Get a clue ya keyboard warriors.

  • NOPE

    People in PA forget to realize the left lane is a passing lane only. It’s not a drive at your pace lane, if your not passing someone you shouldn’t be in it.

    • Bill

      Passing at a SAFE SPEED… People in PA forget that part….Bottom line is the tailgater was in the wrong, there is no reason to be that close

    • Devin

      What you fail to realize is that there is someone who is trying to get on the highway. He had every reason for being in the left lane at that time. That tailgater is at fault, but there was no reason to brake-check that hard.

  • Don Neff

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone that gets brake checked. Everybody’s in a hurry to go nowhere, people drive like maniacs. You follow me too close, you get just what that a-hole got.

  • common sense stuff

    the truck driver is the lucky one…..good thing he wasn’t involved in the crash or he would have been busted for driving high on amphetamines

  • Mnice

    I didn’t see the rear end of the car doing the brake checking lurch upward at all. looks like he/she pressed it just enough to have the lights come on, and the person freaked out. In either case, person got what they deserved. I bet he/she won’t do it again.

  • Saul Goodman

    That was my client’s right turn signal, your honor. It was not a break check. The video clearly shows my client using her right turn signal to indicate a lane change once she’d determined the lane was clear.

  • Darla

    If is wasn’t for the hate coming from the Trump campaign this would have not happened. His hate filled speeches create this anger causing 2 people to drive angry like this. We need to come together as a country.

    • I've heard it all

      Darla – You are seriously putting this on Trump’s shoulders? You Darla and the rest of the people who think like you are what is wrong with this country. No accountability for one’s own actions.

    • jimbrony

      You’re right Darla – everyone should follow Barrack Hussein Obama’s lead and unite the country instead of dividing it. (snicker, snort, chortle). He’s done so much to end racial differences.

  • Hope Moffitt


  • Terry

    It looks to me as if the tailgaiter got what they deserved. I had someone on my butt this morning. They were so close, I couldn’t see their headlights and I drive an old saturn that sits pretty low to the ground.

  • johnpublic

    Maybe the guy didn’t brake check anyone. He may have just caught sight of the vehicle entering from the ramp and attempted to slow down. The fool following that close had no time to react safely because of his decision to tailgate.

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