Talkback 16: Teens Charged with Murder for Officer’s Death, Bicyclist Injured in Hit and Run

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Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the teens charged with the murder of a Scranton police officer, the bicyclist hurt by a hit and run driver at Harveys Lake, and money spent on St. Patrick's parades.


  • Tired of police worship

    Drop the murder charges. They didn’t murder anybody. The cop killed himself.

    You think there would be murder charges if a civilian chased them?

    Cops lives do not matter more.

    Don’t take such a job and expect me to feel sorry for you.

  • Joske

    To the last caller on the biking… did you know driving is dangerous and there’s too many injuries? Why don’t they consider doing away with that?

    • Joske

      Also, why don’t they consider doing away with every activity that is fun – skiing, rock climbing, skydiving. Hell, let’s do away with golf too because you might get hit by a ball and die. Let’s just all sit in our plastic bubble and watch the tube 24/7.

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