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Suspect in Custody for Stabbing in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Officials have a person in custody for a deadly stabbing that happened over the weekend in Scranton.

Xavier Jordan, 19, of Scranton was charged Monday night with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

Investigators said a fight broke out outside a home on Quincy Avenue Saturday night after a party. They believe Xavier Jordan stabbed his relative Eugene Troy Jordan, 33. He died at the hospital early Sunday morning. His death was ruled a homicide on Monday.

When asked if Xavier Jordan had anything to say about the charges, he replied, "No, I'm innocent."  Jordan stated he was innocent of stabbing him, and when asked what happened, Jordan finished with, "I don't know."

According to the district attorney, Eugene Jordan tried to restrain his cousin Xavier during the fight, and wound up dead.

"There was a fight over a cover charge that started an argument that led to this altercation where the defendant brandished a knife and stabbed two people, " said District Attorney Shane Scanlon.  Scanlon said the other victim will be okay, but added the investigation isn't over.  There is no word on if anyone else will be charged.

Xavier Jordan is currently being held without bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for sometime this March.

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  • Your opinion doesn't matter.

    So because the victim is black he needed to die? I’m white and appalled that I breathe the same air as you. Loser and a racist POS is what you are.

  • whyamibrittany

    How does it sound like 2 for 1? He was trying to get him to stop and ended up losing his life. He sounds like a decent guy to me. But I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume because he was black he was a criminal as well.
    You people are so ignorant and arrogant that you will never see past the color of someone’s skin. I can’t wait until one of you two are in trouble and you need a person of color to come to your aid. I bet at that point skin color won’t matter.

      • jimbrony

        For the record, I think it’s a shame that he lost his life given the circumstances. My find took all of 30 seconds – a matter of public record. What else has he gotten in to that isn’t easily found, or what he got away with? He might have turned his life around, I don’t know that. What I do know is you brought race into the picture and defended him as if he was a saint. Notice I said ‘was’ a criminal. I don’t know who is worse – the racists or the people who are blinded by their own color. I guess I shouldn’t bring up his DUI from last year then? Times-Tribune, Lackawanna County Sentencing.

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