Stabbing Death in Scranton Ruled Homicide

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SCRANTON -- A man's death over the weekend in Scranton has been ruled a homicide.

Police say Eugene Jordan, 33, was stabbed to death outside a home on Quincy Avenue.

Police tell us a fight broke out in the 800 block of Quincy Avenue on Saturday night.

Eugene Jordan, or Troy Jordan as he is referred to on his Facebook page, was stabbed to death and died at the hospital.

More than 24 hours after a fight turned deadly on Quincy Avenue in Scranton's hill section, police were still on scene investigating.

Jordan's death is being ruled a homicide and police are still looking for the person or people responsible.

eugene jordan

Police tell us Jordan was stabbed many times and died at the hospital.

Friends of the victim who referred to himself as "Troy" Jordan on Facebook posted messages of sympathy.

Scranton police have been parked in front of the home on Quincy Avenue where the stabbing took place since it happened.

Some neighbors we spoke to tell us they fear for their safety.

A woman who asked not to be identified lives just a few houses down from where the stabbing took place.

"I am very concerned. I have lived here for 11 years and I am seriously thinking about moving out of the area. Within that time, there has been two stabbings, a shooting; just a lot of ruckus going on and I've become very fearful."

Other people who live on this block of Quincy Avenue tell us they hope the people responsible are found soon and they hope nothing like this happens in their neighborhood again.


  • trump

    the economic environment created by the mayor and city council is the root cause of financial hardship and violence in scranton

  • Bill Hannick

    Brenda, I can assure you that what you see happening now is because of the influx of people from outside this area, not people that are truly Scrantonians. Does crime happen Scranton, yes, just as it does everywhere. U S News just published their list of great places to live and Scranton was included. You did not screw up, at all. Enjoy what this area has to offer, which is a lot of things and good people too.

  • brenda

    I just moved here to scranton this week. Does this stuff happen often? I’m originally from a clean, rural, majority white area. Please tell me I didn’t screw up, please.

    • Bob

      The good news is you’re not in Newark. The bad news is you’re in Scranton. Get out while you can. Just move and work outside the city and you’ll be amazed at the savings in taxes. If you’re looking for government housing and assistance, just stay in Scranton.

  • Sue

    It is getting scarier by the day. Shootings, stabbings, vandalism, increased drug usage…it is everywhere in Scranton… something has tp be done

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