Owners of Stolen Dog Speak Out

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- The search is on for a dog in the Poconos. State police say the thieves stole the pit bull mix Saturday afternoon.

An empty pen near Marshalls Creek is where the Bradys say their dog Charlie should be.

"I want him back, dear God, he's my dog but at the same time I'm more worried about his safety than anything else,” said dog owner Tom Brady.

State police say the dog was spotted outside the Dunkin' Donuts along Route 209 near Marshalls Creek not far from the Brady’s home.

Charlie ran into the road and across the street into a parking lot.

"We were looking for him all through the woods, and a couple of hours later those witnesses said that they'd seen him here and seen a man put him in his vehicle,” said Bill Brady.

Those witnesses told state police the man who stole Charlie claimed he was the owner.

Animal organizations are helping, trying to track down the blue-eyed pit bull mix and are asking for help.

People didn't really have time enough to think and I get that part, but maybe we can stick it in their heads, take a picture, get their license plate,” said Gerri Papillon, owner of Camp Papillon in Snydersville.

Hound Hunters of Northeastern Pennsylvania have posted stolen signs on the door of the Dunkin' Donuts and all throughout the Marshalls Creek area hoping someone has seen Charlie.

This latest stolen dog case isn’t surprising for Hound Hunters.

"Absolutely not because we do have an open case right now where we do believe the exact same scenario happened and it actually happened five miles up the road,” said Donna Barney of Hound Hunters.

Scrappy has been missing since December.

Charlie is beige with brown spots, wearing a multi-colored harness.

His owners just want him home.

“Exactly, the house is pretty empty without him,” said Brady.

Anyone with information about the missing dog Charlie can contact Hound Hunters of NEPA and state police in Swiftwater.