Misericordia Ethics Instructor: Trump Should Do More To Stop Violence

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Seeing violence erupt before a Donald Trump rally over the weekend in Chicago, then hearing Trump's call to arrest protesters is not acceptable to ethicist Joseph Curran.

“He seems to suggest that protesters who are engaging in nonviolent protest should be punished for it,” he said.

Curran teaches ethics at Misericordia University near Dallas. He thinks Trump could use a lesson from his class.

“I  don't think you could always hold a political leader unconditionally responsible for everything his or her followers do, but if you have political followers who are engaging in acts of violence,  I  think as a leader, you have a responsibility to get them to stop,” he said.

“Obviously there is a big divide going on in our country because if people feel the need to act up in this way, to me that doesn't seem like the country that knows where it's going and knows what it wants,” said student Emily Gurtizen.

“I don't think anyone went there with the explicit intent of causing violence, but maybe the intent to shut down the rally and I don't think that's right. There's a difference between protesting at the rally and making your opinion known and silencing others,” said student Devin Crevani.

Despite all the controversy, Trump remains the frontrunner among the GOP presidential candidates.



    Go Trump:
    who wants another 8 yrs of “blame the republican”
    for everything libbs do wrong.

    • Payback

      Establishment hates trump for a reason. Americans need to get that…let’s tear down the Republican establishment

  • rick

    I think the professor needs to go back and review ethics in general. I am sure he was not at any event which would give him sufficient personal knowledge of exactly what occurred between Trump supporters and protesters to be able to render any opinion on Trump’s ethics, which is unethical.

  • Nelson

    Curran seems to blame the victim. How naive; I wonder, was he just born yesterday? The “protesters” are obviously agents provocateurs being paid to disrupt Trump’s rallies. The “establishment” is running scared and they’re trying every dirty trick in the book.

  • wth

    Any idiot knows it’s Obama who reignited that that old flame and Hillary and Bernie ran with it; and are running their campaigns with it.

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