Man Wanted for Firing Shots into NYC Apartment Caught in Poconos

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BARTONSVILLE — A man wanted for a violent shooting in New York City was picked up in the Poconos.

U.S. Marshals say Casanova Holmes, 37, was arrested Friday in Bartonsville.

Police say last week, Holmes opened fire at an apartment in Brooklyn, allegedly firing numerous shots into the place while children were inside.

No one was hit.

Marshals say Holmes was arrested without incident in Monroe County and faces extradition back to New York.


  • Dan Wesson

    So Clinton wants to disarm America but yet someone who should not be able to get a gun , has a gun. Like the old saying goes ( when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns) . If they want mine they better be ready. If he fired at my house you probably would not be reading this. I will Protect myself and my family!

  • remenicing

    I can remember the good old days long before these animal like species from nyc, jersey, and philly came to our wonderful area and destroyed it. God I miss those days.

    • jimbrony

      Options for getting rid of animals that keep coming on your front porch and defecating:
      1. Take away their free food and water
      2. Remove any shelter they might have
      3. Trap them and ship them far away

  • jim

    Jail doesn’t seem to scare this lad, by the looks of it I’d bet he has been there before. Give him something to do this time besides hanging out. Hard labor might be a deterrent.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    How could he possibly have fired shots in New York? Guns are illegal in New York.

    This must be a mistake.

    • Robert Mills

      I sure hope he didn’t have more bullets than New York allows or else he will be in real trouble.

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