Learning to Protect Yourself

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- People learned about self-defense in Monroe County.

A defense attorney and retired state police trooper were at the West End Crime Watch meeting Monday night at the Chestnuthill Township Park building on Route 715 near Brodheadsville.

They discussed how to defend yourself legally and the laws for carrying firearms.

"People are becoming increasingly more concerned about protecting yourselves, protecting your loved ones, and going to protect yourself and your loved one, it's really important that you understand the laws," said criminal defense attorney Michael Giaramita.

Attendees also received a pamphlet on self-defense laws at the event in Monroe County.


  • Bigbrother

    “When can I shoot” is the motto on their sign, sounds like someone is giddy to get people to shoot other people. Perhaps ‘when can I use self defense’ would be more appropriate. But then again, it is an ex officer giving the seminar so maybe “When can I shoot” is a more accurate description of the mindset being taught.


      And how many criminals attended this meeting??? Too many short sighted people out there. Why is there a meeting like this. simple. These days the victim faces more intense punishment than the criminal. Sometimes even being sued by the criminal. So as a legal gun owner you had better know the laws. Hence the “when can I shoot” phrase. But you and others know that.

      • Bigbrother

        Guess the point I made flew right over your head. You say victims receive more “intense punishment”, first, you actually believe our Justice system is there to dole out “intense punishment” hmmm, I read about that occurring in backwards middle eastern countries. But really, yes a victim suffers from the offender but the offender goes to prison, haven’t read much about victims being sent to prison but then again logic, facts and common sense have no place when discussing issues with those who live their lives in fear and believe in only one Amendment to our Constitution. So you are correct, attend your seminar, rub your hands together and in your mind get giddy about “WHEN CAN I SHOOT SOMEONE”.

    • jimbrony

      Go back to getting names off headstones for the next election, troll. Nobody cares what you think about something you don’t have the fortitude to do. You sound like the type that would sue a donut shop because your coffee was too hot. And oh, with proper shot placement, the criminal doesn’t get to go to jail.

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