Judge Rules Teens Should Head to Trial in Death of Scranton Officer

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SCRANTON -- Defense lawyers asked a judge Monday morning in Lackawanna County to throw out second degree murder charges against three teenagers accused of the death of a Scranton police officer.

But the judge decided that the teens will head to trial on those murder charges.

Nasiir Jones, Isiah Edwards, and Tanner Curtis are charged with second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and conspiracy.

Officer John Wilding was badly hurt while chasing the teens in July 2015 after an alleged robbery.  He died the next day.

Prosecutors believe Officer Wilding died as a result of their crime.

The preliminary hearing began in Lackawanna County court last week.


  • Genovese

    It should a regulation to buzz cut these guys hair too when they first enter jail. They are pathetic looking. Having long hair in jail subjects them as easy fighting prey. Just grab them by the hair and yank them anywhere like cavemen. I’ll cut it for nothing so taxpayers won’t have to pay.

  • Tired of police worship

    Drop the murder charges. They did not murder anybody. The cop killed himself.

    Do you think there would be murder charges if a civilian chased them?

    Cops lives don’t matter more.

    Do not take such a job and expect me to feel sorry for you.

  • Dan Wesson

    That is perfect news. Just what I wanted to hear. That officer was doing what he was paid to do PROTECT AND SERVE.
    They should go on trial and no one should be able to play the racial card.

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