High School Celebrates Pi Day

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PLYMOUTH -- It's March 14 and that means it's Pi Day. It's a day that celebrates Pi, the number that begins with 3.14, as in March 14.

Math fans aren't the only ones who get to party on Pi Day. Many schools in our area hold events on Pi Day. At Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth, the day in March is more like a competition.

"Us math geeks of America, we love Pi Day and we like to take this opportunity with our students to teach them about Pi and also have a little fun with it," said math teacher Kim Leary.

Leary and her students are testing how much of Pi students can memorize.

Everyone is a winner here and can take a treat to eat.

"I don't really eat pie that much, but you know, you could eat whatever you could with a circle, like cookies and stuff," said freshman Tyler Vassello.

The stakes are much higher in Rob Perrin's sophomore math class.

"We're going to do a competition today and the team that gets the closest to Pi wins the pie!" said Perrin.

Paper and toothpicks are all students can use.

"We have to calculate to see who gets the closest to Pi," said sophomore Draig Ruff.

In Mr. Cunningham's junior math class, students measure circumference with a string and coin. A group of girls completed the assignment first.

"It's very exciting, we get bonus points!" exclaimed Erica Harned.

To drive home the point of Pi Day, Mr. Cunningham turned his classroom into a living, breathing circle.

"We traditionally put the 4x7 rows, but today we're celebrating, so I decided to put it in a circle," said math teacher Thomas Cunningham.

Wyoming Valley West High School also offers Pi-inspired T-shirts students can purchase, all to honor the number that's used to express the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.