Student Arrested for Bringing Gun to School

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A student was arrested for bringing a gun to school in Monroe County.

Stroud Area Regional Police arrested the 18-year-old Friday morning at East Stroudsburg South High School.

Police say the school received a tip Friday morning from a student and family member that a student inside East Stroudsburg South High School may have a weapon.

The school police officers located that student and a loaded revolver.

Authorities charged Shavelle Mills, 18, a junior at ESSHS, with having a gun with a scratched-off manufacturer's number, carrying a gun without a license, and having gun on school property.

"By the time we responded, they had already taken their police action and actually had secured that student and the firearm by the time we arrived," said Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish. "The gun was not drawn, pointed, or fired on school premises. The student has been handcuffed and has already been transported to our station for investigation and prosecution."

The school went into lockdown just before 8 a.m. and the district immediately notified parents. Many came rushing to pick up their kids, fearing the worst.

"The first thing I remember was now the shoot-out at the school, kids die and everything, and I don't want to see that with my son," said Ozicleide Lugo.

It's unclear why Mills brought the gun to school, where it came from, or if he planned on firing the weapon.

Even his own father didn't know. He talked with us but didn't want to show his face.

"I want to tell him that we love him and we are standing behind him, and no matter what, we know he's a good kid and things happen," Mills said.

Officers found the revolver in his backpack as soon as he arrived.

Students were worried that something bad happened.

"I was like, hopefully no one got hurt or killed," said tenth grader Daniel Noda.

"I was surprised; I can't say I was shocked because you know what? We prepare for these kinds of things," said East Stroudsburg Superintendent Sharon Laverdure.

According to court papers, Mills tried to flee before officers handcuffed him, and the gun had the manufacturers serial number altered and scratched off.

Parents were relieved when the lockdown ended around 9:30 a.m. and they could hug their kids.

"I knew he was OK, but very, very scary because you would never think it would happen in your own school," said parent Shirley Shears.

"Sandy Hook was a place where this wasn't going to happen. Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Pocono Mountain, and Pleasant Valley is a place where this isn't going to happen, but it does," said Chief Parrish.

Mills was out on bail for a prior robbery and firearms charge he faces in New York. He's locked up on $50,000 bail.


  • John Dressel

    I was in homeroom with this kid last year. He was quiet and screwed off a lot, but I never took him to be the kind of person to do this. Although, I never would’ve thought that security guard would steal Adderal and look what happened. Only at friggin’ South.

  • J. Hoffa

    The only thing I gather from the “Comments, ” is that people need to learn to read and/or go back to school. He cannot legally own as he is under 21, he obviously did not have a permit to carry a “firearm,” he was carrying a “firearm” that had been illegally modified, he not only carried that “firearm” on to school property but into the school, and it was loaded and concealed. This kid broke so many laws, which some he might not have been aware of but that is no excuse. A long gun under state law is not a “firearm” and does not require a permit of any kind to carry. A “firearm” under PA law is typically any gun with a barrel of less than 16 inches. This kid committed a number of illegal actions under state/federal law, and should be treated as the “bonehead” that he obviously is. I am obviously pro-gun/carry, but this “adult” is not in the same category nor should he be grouped with those of us that do our best to follow the laws to the letter. GLAD NO ONE WAS HURT BY THIS BONEHEAD.

  • Poonus

    ok, before someone mentions the NRA and how this is why no one should ever own guns… this guy was violating laws (federal law- under 21 possessing a hand gun, federal law, bringing that gun to school, and federal law violation- removing serial numbers on that gun ( because it was probably stolen, as most 18 year olds who couldn’t legally buy a gun anyhow, so he probably stole it).. so before anyone says the NRA did it…

    a criminal wanna be did this…lawful gun owners ‘didn’t do’nuffin’

    expect to see this kid charged for theft on top of everything else involving getting caught at school.

    downvote me if you wish, but being a gun owner who follows the rules -this should never have anything to do with me giving up my rights to make you feel safer from this type of person…if anything it’s the reason you should own guns as criminals are everywhere now a days.

  • jimbob

    I don’t understand. Did he take the gun to school? Does forest Gump mean he then hid the gun under a rock? I’m so confused now. Thanks.

  • Emma Goldman

    So was it a sidearm or a long gun?

    The student is 18, he can purchase a long gun.

    You aren’t making it known whether he owned it, was borrowing it, or stole it.

    Why should he be criminalised for merely possesing a gun?

    Do we ban fists because somebody can be killed from a punch to the head?

    • Forrest Gump

      He took the gun to school you idiot! Where have you been the last 15 years or so….living under a rock?

    • Todd Getz

      It was a revolver with serial number scratched off. You need to be 21 to own a revolver, and removing marks from a gun is a federal crime.

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