Senator Baker Proposes Changes to Budget Process

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HARRISBURG -- It's been almost nine months now since the state budget was due and there's no sign of one being passed any time soon.

So a state senator from Luzerne County is proposing an amendment to the state constitution to deal with future stalemates.

Under Republican Lisa Baker's plan, if there were a future deadlock, 80 percent of the state's budget would still go into effect. That way, non-profits and service agencies wouldn't have to take out loans to continue their work.

"It would prevent leveraging. It would prevent organizations from having to borrow money and there would be some predictability," said Baker.

Although well intended, one political science professor tells WNEP, such a proposal would have a difficult time passing given the current political climate in Harrisburg.


  • Robert

    I would be more impressed if Senator Baker proposed that no legislator gets paid until they do the job they are tasked to do – prepare and implement a budget.

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