Bradford County Teacher Accused of Tampering with Evidence in Death Investigation

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SHESHEQUIN TOWNSHIP -- Charges were filed Thursday against a teacher from Bradford County accused of tampering with evidence in a death investigation.

Authorities say the charges have to do with the overdose death of her boyfriend last month in Sheshequin Township.

According to court papers, Nicole Gordon, 35, of Towanda tampered with evidence, had drug items on her, and put a child in danger.

State police say last month, Gordon and her young daughter were at a home near Towanda.
During that time, troopers say Gordon and her boyfriend Wade Sparbanie used heroin.
Sparbanie died from an overdose and police say Gordon lied to them about doing drugs too and hid evidence including syringes and pills before troopers arrived.

"Just heard it on social media. Just makes you nervous about your kids going to that school and wonder what other teachers are doing what while they're around your kids all day,” said a mother with a child in the Canton Area School District. She did not want to be identified.

“It is a drug-free zone and somebody doing those kinds of drugs obviously would get sick and need to have their fix throughout the day and it makes you nervous to wonder where they're doing it, if your kids are exposed to it."

Gordon is a teacher at Canton Area Junior/Senior High School. School officials tell Newswatch 16 she is suspended with pay during this investigation.Those who know her say Gordon's father is the school district superintendent though school officials won't comment on personnel.

Those who know her say Gordon's father is the school district superintendent though school officials won't comment on personnel.

A scheduled school board meeting Thursday night was postponed as school leaders say they are considering what to do now.

Sparbanie's family did not want to comment on camera, but sent us this statement, which reads in part: "Wade was a great man and our lives will never be the same. Nicci needs to get clean and sober and if this is what has to happen to her to get help then so be it!"

People living in the rural community say heroin has indeed become a serious problem here, an epidemic.

“It's a beautiful area to live and I’d like to keep it that way and especially a teacher should be held to a higher standard and therefore whatever it takes, whatever it takes, I mean it just needs to be stopped,” said Jaap Westerbaan of Canton.


  • little meadows

    Hey former bc resident. I’m calling you on this one. I’m a truck driver, therefore I have been outside of bc. All lower 48 states if you need to know. Like I said, only in Bradford county.

  • cant make this stuff up folks

    Correct. Matt Gordon is nicci Gordon’s father. He use to be the superintendent at northeast bradford school in Rome pa. but got fired for having sex on the copier machine with a teacher’s aid while being filmed by a hidden camera in a side office. Sounds like we have quite the upstanding family here. Hey canton, why did you hire him after northeast fired him? Fools.

  • Had enough

    What hasn’t come out is Nicole Gordon father is the superintendent of the Canton Area School District, who has been covering for her the past month. Perfect example of the corruption in the Canton High School.

  • Anonymous Student

    I am an 8th grade student of the canton high school. I had Ms. Gordon as an English teacher. She helped me and my freind through some tough times, and was always there for all the students. No matter what, I still respect her as a teacher. When a person does something bad one time, that does not make them bad. She has never and would never harm a student. Drugs are everywhere in Canton. Lies are going on social media that disgust me. Some of my fellow students are saying how she is so bad for doing this. I just hope everything works out for the Gordon family.

  • jim

    Teachers should be drug tested also. We drug test pilots and truck drivers. The union shouldn’t complain, but I an sure they will. So why not test the ones we trust with our kids.

  • little meadows

    Only in Bradford county. This should not come to a surprise to anyone. Law enforcement is doing nothing in bradford county to defeat this heroin epidemic. Everyday there are several dui arrests in the newspapers but never heroin busts. The police go after the big money. There is no big money in heroin busts.

    • Former BC Resident

      If you think this is only happening in Bradford County, then you’ve never been out of Bradford County.

      • little meadows

        Someone is posting as our name. A complete article was taken down because of this person.I did not post this. The police cant baby sit druggies. Or welfare trash for that matter. WE pass drug tests for work, ALL school employees should drug test.Trash is trash. We support our police, and the imposter does not realize….I GOT A TROOPER IN MY FAMILY!!! SO, this person should be really careful impersonating, and stalking.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, this type of stuff happens all over the place. Second, law enforcement can’t make busts everyday because to go onto someone’s property and search requires either probable cause, which is not likely to happen, or they need a warrant, which takes time. Law enforcement would try to make as many busts as possible because that means they would get more funding. If they don’t stop crime, they don’t get paid.

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