Tourism Groups Optimistic About State Slogan

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MONROE COUNTY -- Our leaders in Harrisburg had not only economic development but also tourism in mind when they officially unveiled the state's new slogan, "Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness."

It's no secret that the Poconos relies on tourism. Just last year, this region had more than 25 million visitors stop by.

This new slogan has resorts and other tourism leaders thinking happy thoughts.

From sliding down slopes to big splashdowns, the Pocono Mountains thrive on tourism.

The state rolled out a new simple slogan to drive tourism across the commonwealth.

"Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness" is based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from the Declaration of Independence.

"We're really accessible so having something that links us to the rest of the state is really great for everybody involved. It kind of helps us work as a team across the entire state," said Elizabeth Richardson, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Fernwood Resort offers fun in the treetops and on the tubing hill and has high hopes this rebranding is coming at the right time before spring and summer vacations.

"This attention, it's on the internet, the announcements are made, people say, 'Oh, I didn't realize that' or 'I didn't think of that,' so it's a great opportunity for us," said Gina Bertucci, Fernwood Resort spokeswoman.

Resort officials also say it's refreshing to see the state invest in an industry that brought in $3 billion to the Poconos just last year.

"Tourism is doing great; we're spending lots of money, but the state of Pennsylvania is not investing in it as much, so hopefully this will bring people's attention back to it," Bertucci added.

Wineries in the Poconos are raising a glass to Pennsylvania's new slogan as well, hoping it's good for business.

They hopes the slogan catches on, a slogan all resorts, communities, and businesses can back.

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau plans to continue promoting the Poconos the way it has in the past but is very excited to see what this new slogan can do for this tourist region.

The state could not tell us whether the old "State of Independence" slogan on all the "Welcome to Pennsylvania" signs will now be changed.

Some travelers in Susquehanna County had mixed reactions to the new slogan.


  • Mitch

    PENNSYLVANIA! There’s more to us than tray pizza and axle breaking potholes America! Come see fabulous sights that will leave you wanting more, such as..
    Piles of coal dust!
    The Susquehanna river, the largest source of pollution in the Chesapeake bay! Beautiful forests which spawn empty beer cans in the most unsuspecting and remote locations!
    Politicians who are EVEN MORE useless and incompetent than the ones in your home state!
    Obese truckers and other upstanding citizens complaining about said politicians but doing nothing about it!
    More empty beer cans!
    Come to PA “persue your happiness”!!!

  • magicmikexxsm

    “Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness.”……stupid slogan… I have a few more fitting one….
    Pennsylvania: Come here pay 30 cents more gas tax a gallon….Pennsylvania: Where everybody dodges the pot holes.
    Or how about this one Pennsylvania: where stupid people elect Liberals…..Or Pennsylvania: where the illegals run wild.
    I could go on and on lol.

  • Valfreyja

    Yes, come to our economically depressed state where the legislature holds burned out broken mining towns hostage by not passing budgets and by courting the oil companies who plunder our natural resources.

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