Pizza Helping People in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Thirteen area pizza businesses are getting together to help the hungry in Scranton.

Those businesses are donating pizza one Tuesday a month to the Saint Francis Assisi Soup Kitchen in the Electric City. It's called Pizza Tuesdays.

“If they're down there, they obviously need the help. It's great to give back to the community. I mean we wouldn't be here if the community didn't help us so I really think it's definitely a part for us to help them and give back,” said Bill Sheakoski of Pizza By Pappas in Scranton.

Giovanni Piccolino is a partner at Buona Pizza in Scranton. He helps feed folks at the soup kitchen as much as he can and likes being part of this new project.

“I just think that we are a blessed family and if it wasn't for this community and the city of Scranton and even surrounding communities, we basically wouldn't be in business, so, it's just, in my eyes it just doesn't cost much to do something nice,” said Piccolino.

The soup kitchen in Scranton depends on donations and helps feed between 100 and 200 people a day, plus folks at a veterans center and three area churches.

"It saves us! We don't have to use any of our food. We use the pizza, I mean plus there'll be soup, a vegetable, salad, fruit,” said Tom ‘Chick’ DiPietro, chef and manager at the soup kitchen.

Pizza Tuesdays will be the third Tuesday of each month at the soup kitchen. Organizers hope it's a big success.

They're hopeful others step up to help out in their own ways, too.

"You know somebody might be having a lousy day and a small kind gesture goes a long way. You don't realize how much it does,” said Piccolino.

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