New State Slogan Unveiled

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State officials announced Pennsylvania’s new slogan Tuesday morning: “Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness.”

The new slogan replaces “State of Independence,” currently seen on many road signs at the state line.

Some previous slogans include, “Memories Last A Lifetime,” “America Starts Here,” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania.”


  • Adam

    So they can worry about something as stupid as a state slogan, but they can’t make a budget? #thatswhatswronginpa

  • magicmikexxsm

    Seems some one at WNEP didn’t like my comments and deleted them on their original story….
    “Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness = Lame…..
    How about these , “Pennsylvania: spend 30 cents more on gas taxes.
    “Pennsylvania: Where stupid people vote for Liberals.
    “Pennsylvania: Where Illegal Aliens come to stay…..
    There I think those are way better….

  • Daniel Vincent Kelley

    I don’t have any friends in Pennsylvania. But they did sign the declaration of INDEPENDENCE there, right? I wonder how long that’s been the state motto that they’re now changing it in the era of Corporate Fascist Swine stalking unarmed people with their guns drawn asking them psychotically if they’re “Constitutionalists”… Pennsylvania Officials should drop to their necks snapped in a noose for this traitorous treachery, trying to erase The History of The Revolution.


    What is this new slogan supposed to refer to ? To advertise that PA is the ” Playground State ” for New York, New Jersey and points south to the PA border people ? Pursue your Happiness ??? I don’t like it …. How about passing the budget, Gov. Wolfe quit using his “executive order ” handing out pay raises to the State employees only and I think PA residents WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER !!!

  • little meadows

    You can put up all the signs you want. If you really want Pennsylvania to look good, welcoming, a place you would want to be. Then, pickup the trash, and quit littering!! It is pretty sad.

      • little meadows

        I understand laws. Revenue and dealing with actual criminals. But do we really need “slob legislation” ? Its the people.

  • Paolo

    Lukewarm. Shallow. Like dry toast. What if I’m already happy? What a waste of time and money on something so silly. Shows what our governor’s priorities are.

  • U J

    Our state can pass s new slogan but can’t pass a budget. That’s crazy Maybe if our schools closed down instead of borrowing money to stay open our elected officials would do their jobs and pass a budget.

  • sjf

    How much money will or has been spent just to change a state slogan?? How about we pass a budget before we spend on things like this!!

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