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Man Admits Baseball Bat Beating

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SCRANTON -- A man has admitted to beating a high school student with a baseball bat last year in Lackawanna County.

Kyle Grzech of Dickson City pleaded guilty Tuesday to simple assault and drug charges.

Police say Grzech beat an 18 year old with a metal baseball bat outside a home on Chapman Lake Road in Scott Township in March of 2015.

He will be sentenced through Lackawanna County's drug treatment court.


  • Patrick O'Toole

    He’s a nice white boy who made a mistake. Give him a little treatment and send the nice white boy home a changed person. Now if he were NOT white – then the lowlife thug gets a harsh prison sentence and learns the hard way what happens when you act out.

  • kevin

    Just another victim of the lackawanna judicial system, he didnt have enough money to make the charges disappear like the supposed baseball bat victim who robbed the above kids house or all the other rich kids who break the law . The big question is, is he a rat like most of these drug corturt cronies, hopefully not, hate to see him get screwed again.

  • jim

    If anyone needs a sentence of hard labor this lad does….that should help with his drug treatment. We could check back in six months.

    • Magnum P.I.

      How is beating someone with a baseball bat simple assault? And drug court! This was aggravated assault and needs a much harsher sentence!

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