Gov. Wolf Signs Executive Order Raising Minimum Wage for State Workers

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HARRISBURG — Governor Tom Wolf is giving some state workers a pay raise.

The governor signed an executive order Monday lifting the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.15 an hour for state employees.

Wolf campaigned on raising the minimum wage and the executive order would raise the hourly minimum wage for state government employees as well as people who work for organizations that get state contracts.

The governor also wants lawmakers to work with him to pass legislation that would eventually raise the minimum wage for all Pennsylvanians.

The increase would make Pennsylvania the state with the highest minimum wage in the country.


  • Denise

    This story needs clarification. Currently, the lowest paygrade for State employees is about $11.22 an hour.

  • barb

    How about putting the money back in for Health Care and Critical Access Hospitals, so we can stay afloat and serve the communities!

  • Deb Bonn

    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have tunnel vision? Most of this will refer to business who have government contracts. Let’s look at this: single mom (has a family of 4) and earns $8 working for an industry with a lucrative state contract is probably also receiving medicaid and food stamps, while the owner of company makes hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per year. So you (common citizen) are paying her so the company she works for doesn’t have to. It’s like keeping the wages of Walmart workers down so that the Walton family can add hundreds of millions of dollars to their personal wealth each year while the state pays for the food stamps and medicaid. With a salary of $10 per hour there is a reasonable assumption that she will not be entitled to health care and/or food stamps. So do you want to keep paying so company owners can make large amounts. This does not refer to small business (what do you consider small business? mom & pop business or a company with 500+ workers) in PA unless they have government contracts which I would highly doubt.

    • Malley

      Talk about tunnel vision – Step back from the picture so you can get a better perspective. This economy has been in a tailspin ever since Obummer started instituting his policies. As a country we’ve never had so many people on welfare since the great depression. All this talk of unemployment numbers going down is ludicrous. That’s because those that were forced onto welfare by his majesty putting so many restrictions on employers and not trying to create jobs, e.g., Keystone Pipeline, that they’ve used up their unemployment benefits and either are working part time or can’t find work. The head count for unemployed is only taken of those on assistance and not included are those who aren’t working or working in a lesser job than they previously had..
      Also, because of the great Affordable (LOL) Health Care many employers will only hire part time so they don’t have to provide medical.

      So here’s my point. If the Great Exalted Mystical Ruler was a job creating President we wouldn’t be talking about minimum wage the way we are today because with job creation there are not only more jobs but better paying ones also.

      Raising the minimum wage is putting a band aid on a gun shot wound. It will only get worse because the higher the minimum wage the less people get hired.

      • dm

        The economy was starting to tank in 2007. By the middle to end of 2008 it was crashing. Who was prez? Bush.

      • Tim Stout

        Malley: Great points that most liberals don’t even try to understand. DM: Odummer has doubled the national debt since he took office. Enough said.

    • common sense stuff

      “single mom family of 4” makes $8/hr

      two great pieces of advice for her:
      1) get a better paying job to support your family
      2) you should have kept your knees together if you can’t afford the kiddos

  • Nancy Kresefsky

    Mr wolf you are a fool doesn’t this mean that if you were getting paid 9 or 10 an hour you now will get 11 and 12 an hour. If you were getting 13 now it goes to 16. The socialist in you can’t fathom that??? Or you just intend to keep the reasonably skilled and better workers at the same pay as the entry level min. wage workers. Great economics comrade!!

  • Malley

    Now everyone who voted for this shlump please recall the deceitful campaigning tactics of this typical Dummycrat. Going in to small businesses and work places shaking hands and talking about how he was a typical PA business owner and understands our problems. Acting like a good ol’ homeboy. Then once he is in office he is trying to stick a sword in our backs with an overspending, huge tax increase budget on the PA public. Please remember, if you vote Democrat, you are voting for a tax increase.

  • William James Robbins

    Need to raise it for the rest of the state too. How come the only people that complain about this already make more than $10 per hour.

  • Keith Hinkel

    Executive Order to raise State Wages?? That is discrimination. Also Pa is over $5 billion in hole!! Where is a budget?? Where are the tax cuts? Where is the repeal of state income tax? Wolf you had better begin doing your job and fast–also SHAVE–you look like a grub!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    What is it with this trend of “executive orders”? Its very strange and unsettling.

    • Shades of Grey

      It’s what our elected leaders are left with when they’d prefer to argue instead of compromise.

  • Valfreyja

    Nice. More government spending, meanwhile the people who actually need this increase, namely the MASSIVE amount of people NOT in a cushy government job, are stuck on a wage that was not livable since the 1970s.

  • tonysmithnra (@tonysmithnra)

    State government workers – and only state government workers – to get the highest minimum wage in the country by Royal Decree. It’s good to be the King, and to work for the King, and to have a union to get out votes for the King. I’m so happy that custodians, DMV clerks, etc will be making more money than most police, firemen, ambulance crewmen, or even the average taxpayer who is paying this ridiculous salary. Hopefully the legislature can overturn this.

  • John

    And where is the increase going to be funded through? Pennsylvania already has trouble budgeting 7.25 per hour. Get ready for the tax and fine increases.

  • Tim Stout

    Looks like PA has their own Obama in office. Issuing executive orders because he refuses to work with the elected officials in Harrisburg. A letter from my representative stated that Wolf knows that schools will be shutting their doors as he has issued each a statement on the proper way to close the schools. The house and senate gave Wolf more than one balanced budget which increased educational spending, but Wolf did not get the tax increases that he sought so they were vetoed.

  • Alan

    Although I do agree working people deserve more due to the now ridiculous cost of living , Why would I , if currently being with a small business for 10 yrs making only 10.50 an hour , find it justified that someone who has no clue what they are doing , just getting hired , is now making the same as I do ????

    This is just my example … If this happens , then everyone else deserves more as well. RIGHT ???

  • Jack Irvin

    You sneaky dog, so government employees deserve more than Joe taxpayer? You are just another corrupt politician, I voted for you, but between you, obama and clinton, I was right to switch away from democratic party. All sneaks, thieves and liars

  • Taz Wellington

    This is despicable. It should be for EVERYONE in state! If businesses actually used $7.25 as a training wage or for that of after school HS jobs it would be one thing but it is used as the standard. If you are the owners of a business that can not afford to pay your employees $10.15/hr than you should not be in business. $10.15 is still a struggle.

    • Eric Barton

      Every business has to start somewhere. Saying they don’t deserve to exist because they can’t afford a certain wage is ridiculous. What will happen is less will have jobs while the others will be expected to work more.

  • dave ashforth

    just wondering just how can we hand out money to state workers when there is no freaking state budget and schools are going to close soon wonder where the money is coming from what account are we going to steal from to pay them and what about all the other workers making minimum wage is that fair my wolf I really do not think so

    • Valfreyja

      That’s not Wolf’s fault. State Republicans have been playing an obstructionist game. THEY have sabotaged the budget, not the governor.

  • Pamela Dunbar

    What about everyone else working for the few pennies they get that dosen’t even pay the bills. They deserve more money as well as the government people who can’t even agree on a budget for this pathetic state we like to call home.

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