Police Serve Search Warrant, Find 8 Children in Filthy Home

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Authorities arrested three people for drugs and weapons after searching a cockroach-infested apartment in Pocono Summit, which was also home to eight children.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police found filth, drugs, and a weapon inside an apartment on Summit Avenue Tuesday. Officers were serving a search warrant as part of an investigation into a home invasion.

"As we were moving some stuff in, I noticed a bunch of police cars over there and I saw them taking some people away in handcuffs," said Daniel Tartaglione of Pocono Summit.

Dwyane Mungo, Rasheen Simmons, and Zugeil Maldonado were all arrested. Officers found a slew of drugs, a cockroach infestation, and eight children inside the apartment.

"Crack cocaine, powder cocaine, packaging material, scales that were actually located in the area of the kitchen where the children had access to," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Lt. Steven Williams.

An eviction notice was taped to the front door, and kid car seats and strollers were scattered across the front stairs. Police say the suspects used the oven to heat the apartment.

The owner of Mike's Auto Body and Glass Shop in Pocono Summit said he knew the three suspects.

"I'm a parent, and I would never put my kids through that, so if they were doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. I'm glad they got caught," said Michael Schoonover, Owner of Mike's Auto Body and Glass Shop. "I do see a lot of cars going in and out of there. I see a lot of people standing on their side of the parking lot."

Neighbors are relieved police are now investigating.

"Typically during a robbery investigations or home invasions, there`s usually more to it than just the actual theft or the force used," said Lt. Williams.

Mungo, Simmons, and Maldonado remain locked up in Monroe county and are scheduled to be in court later this month.


  • henrietta

    Is Pocono summit a big mountain with snow on it? I think I’ve seen it before on i380. Is it near broadheadsville? I want to visit there someday but I just can’t get out much anymore without a car. Is it too far to walk to from Carbondale to Pocono summit? With warmer weather approaching I’d really like get some fresh air and exercise. Should i need worry about bears or rattlesnakes? Does it rain much in pocono summit? I’ll probably bring my umbrella anyways. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If anybody knows what would be the shortest and safest walking route from Carbondale to Pocono summit could you please post it on this page for me? Thank you very much.

  • get to work or quit

    Why isn’t law enforcement being more pro-active? They put in their time and collect their pensions. How could the cops find out about this situation only after a non-related search warrant was served? C’Mon law enforcement, do your jobs or turn in your badges. Stop turning your blind eyes on filthy scumbags such as these animals and start cleaning up these neighborhoods. Stop stealing gas and stop blaming the general public for YOUR workplace violence issues.

    • wth

      Nine times out of ten low-lifes like this are out the same day..it takes like 5-10 arrests before they’re finally locked up for any length of time. Then we get the complaints from minorities all the way up to the politicians who complain about our prisons being too full with non-violent criminals..like these? I suppose? and should the cops harass druggies more how many people are gonna be-cry police harassment and brutality especially this crew! Maybe our prisons are more full than many other places is because we actually DO enforce the law and our police for the most part DO their job and when they do you get all BLM on them. I called it the poconos would be the first place folks from the city ran to which is why back in the 80’s I didn’t want any part of it. I made sure I went much further in, however, no-where is crime free. Plenty of criminals smattered thruout the state.

      • Jeff Woehrle

        Reminds me of a classic news headline:

        “Crime down, yet prisons remain full. Liberals puzzled.”

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