Westminster Winner from Palmerton

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PALMERTON -- A canine from Carbon County is now a proud two-time Westminster Dog Show ribbon winner.

We caught up with Hudson and his proud owners in Palmerton. Hudson, a bright-eyed 5-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was enjoying getting his head scratched.

"He loves people. He's a good dog; you couldn't want anything more out of what's supposed to just be a pet. He's gone a long way from being a pet."

Hudson is also a doggone hard worker. Usually he's hunting with his owner Jan Sosik, but just last week, Hudson won a Westminster Dog Show ribbon for the best of breed.

"When the judge pointed to Michelle and Hudson and said, 'My best of breed,' I was just stunned. I was absolutely stunned," said Karen Sosik.

The dog's handler Michelle Scott suggested entering Hudson right before the competition's deadline, competing against 15 other dogs, and bringing home the best of breed ribbon for the second time in three years.

"When you think of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, that is the silhouette that you think of. He is very compact and muscular. He has a beautiful coat and a beautiful head," said Sosik.

When Hudson isn't in the show ring or out hunting, he's just in the backyard, playing with some of his good friends.

The Sosik's also have Gunnie, age 2, and Lizzy, age 13.

And even though Hudson has an impressive resume that includes lots of ribbons and a job as a therapy dog at the Village at Palmerton care home, this dog still gets into trouble.

"Of course, he's just a dog. He does dog things. He begs from the table," Sosik said.

The Sosik's aren't sure if Hudson will return to the show ring.

"That was just a job for him, just like his hunting is a job, or he goes to visit my mother at the village and the people at the village. That's a job for his therapy. He's a good all-around dog."

For now they're just enjoying his latest win.

Hudson did not earn any money for being named best in breed at Westminster, but his owners did go home with the blue ribbon and a fleece blanket.