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Pipeline Company Seeks Court Order to Remove Protesters 

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NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP -- The fight to save some maple trees in Susquehanna County from being chopped down for a natural gas pipeline is in the hands of a federal judge now.

Constitution Pipeline is asking a judge to order the removal of protesters near New Milford.

The Holleran's trees are used to make maple syrup and the family has asked the company to spare the trees, even after a judge ruled they could be cut down by eminent domain.

The pipeline company says the protestors near New Milford are violating a court order that allows the trees to be cut down.

Loggers showed up last week and were peacefully turned away.

There is no word when the federal judge might make a decision.



  • Alan

    It is completely about greed. The gas companies have cheated, harassed and poisoned the citizens of Pa. They pushed farmers into low lease agreements just so they could sell out percentages of those leases to other investors and companies like CNOOC from China and Statoil from Norway. Then companies like Chesapeake are allowed to cheat landowners further by creating made up royalty fees. Companies like Chesapeake make more money from flipping leases than actually drilling. Then where does all the money go? Chesapeake is on the verge of bankruptcy for the third time. Cheating their stock investors. While they said it was about gas for the US, they are selling it to other countries. Another way companies like Chesapeake cheat royalty owners is to sell the gas at a lower price to a company related to Chesapeake. Then sell it higher after paying out lower royalty amounts. People that live within drilling areas are developing neurological problems. There have been high amounts of aquatic deaths in local ponds. Then the DEP hides the negative water test results and the neurological problems are from the flare offs and air pollution. Right now 10 mile creek in western Pa is radioactive because they use thorium, uranium and radium 226 and radium 228 in drilling. That’s why Cheney changed the water protection laws and the Democrats did nothing to change it. This pipeline will allow strangers to trespass on this specific property for many years to come while maintaining the cutting of trees. It also creates a danger from possible explosions. All so the rich can get richer. You don’t ever own the land. You just use it until the business people in government find a way to exploit it.


    I Hope The “Declaration of Independence Woods” will count.
    no profiting business should claim The “Declaration of Independence Woods”
    or then it should be “We the Sheep” !
    Because people have rights. Sheep have wool over eyes.

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