Couple Tied Up, Robbed During Home Invasion in Luzerne County

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UNION TOWNSHIP — State police say two people tied up a couple and robbed their home in Luzerne County.

It happened along Sorber Road near Shickshinny around 2 p.m. Monday.

Troopers said the robbers had a gun.

The victims William Lear, 73, and Donna Lear, 61, freed themselves and called 911.

They weren’t hurt, but the robbers are still on the loose.


  • Beingamerican

    Now we all know the gun was purchased legally and more gun control is the answer….. Yeah f’in rite walk thru my door a pray to the lord above I grab my pistol instead of my AR you dirt bags

  • Keith Hinkel

    All too many folks hide behind–“can’t/will not happen to me”! Well it can & will. Economy is shot, no jobs, there will be an increase in MONEY DEMANDED crime. Get a revolver, pistol, short barrel shotgun, and a knife–8″ or longer–I carry always, sit home wearing a revolver loaded with .38 hollow point. My doors are locked. I observe the open carry law when I leave my house. The solution is available–use it! And if you must SHOOT TO KILL!! Pistol=15 shots, Revolver=6 hollow point shots. NEVER BE A VICTIM!
    Thankful I have never needed my “protection” but one never knows.

    • BZ22

      Many people commit these crimes because their drug habit prevents them from holding down a real job or they choose not to have one at all!!

  • Scott

    Ridiculous hunt them down and start putting a end to this bull$&@$. Your not even safe at home. Not that’s it’s bad enough they target seniors and women ….guaranteed they come in my house they will be carried out in a body bag … I know some will disagree ….I’m just Tired of it…and I will protect my home and family.

    • RNR

      Hopefully these dirt-bags will get their just desserts when they pick the wrong house to invade! I would do the same given the necessity!

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