Fire Company Holds Flower Sale, Considers Merger

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- Members of Citizens Hose Company in South Williamsport tell us talks of a possible merger are only in the discussion phase right now. They are currently OK on money thanks to fundraisers like this weekend's Valentine’s Day rose sale.

Once a bouquet is picked the flowers are wrapped, tied, and those hit by cupid's arrow are out the door in no time.

"Dozen red and a dozen of the pastels,” said Jim Stewart.

Members of Citizens Fire Company like to make the shopping experience as easy as they can for customers during their three-day rose sale in South Williamsport.

"You get guys that come in here and just forgot to buy roses. It sometimes is hilarious when they come in here," said Grover Danley.

Fire company president Grover Danley is in charge of setting up fundraisers, including the Valentine's Day rose sale. It's set up in Beiter's parking lot on Route 15 in South Williamsport. Danley says the fire company is doing fine financially.

"We're considering all three fire departments going under one name to work together to better supply manpower as well as equipment to the community," said Danley.

"Get out there and help them because they need the help,” said Dennis Gemberling.

Volunteers think location plays a big role in their sales, but customers we spoke with say they came here because they want to help the fire company.

"I figured they are the best I can find,” said Stewart.

"This one here is volunteer and they don't have a lot of money coming in. That's why they sell the roses and stuff. That's why we try to support them," said Dennis Gemberling.

To make sure the sale could continue through the weekend, Hines Location Lighting donated a generator to the fire company. Danley says it is community support like that, and support from the other fire companies that helps keep them afloat.

"We like being our own company, it's true. To merge, that's the way to benefit the community. That's the way to better our response with manpower,” said Danley.

Again at this point, all three fire companies in South Williamsport are considering consolidating, but are only in the discussion phase. The Valentine's Day rose sale goes through Sunday or until the flowers run out.

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