Search Continues for Michelle Inch

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CANTON  TOWNSHIP -- Troopers now say they suspect foul play in the disappearance of Michelle Inch. She is the woman who has been missing since a violent home invasion and arson near Montoursville.

That home invasion took place early Wednesday morning. Linda Inch escaped and Gary Inch needed to be rescued from their burning home.

Their daughter's boyfriend, Michael Houseweart was arrested and charged.

Authorities have been searching for Michelle Inch in both Lycoming and Bradford counties after finding blood on the outside of her vehicle which was found in Canton on Thursday.

"Bring Michelle home." Those three words motivated one group in Bradford County to search for Michelle in some woods which are part of the Tioga State Forest near Canton.

“Michelle we love your face, we miss you, please come home,” said Tammi Knight, a friend.

Inch was last seen Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the home of her boyfriend, Michael Houseweart, near Canton.

Troopers say 9 hours later Houseweart and another man broke into Inch's family home near Montoursville. They tied up her parents with duct tape and set the place on fire.

On Thursday, Inch's car was discovered, less than a mile from her boyfriend’s home. Police say blood was found on the outside of the vehicle.

“Anything any information, just let anyone know. If you have seen her, you heard anything, we just want her home,” said Annette Laudenslager, a friend.

Searchers say they are trying to honor Michelle's spirit by staying optimistic.

Friends in Bradford County started their search near the Lambs Hill Picnic area because it was a place Inch and Houseweart liked to take walks. They are asking people who live between Montoursville and Canton to be on the lookout

“If you have a cabin somewhere in the woods just go check it for us, that is all we ask, just go check it,” added Kelly Robbins, a friend.

This family friend says she believes Houseweart knows where inch will be found. Robbins added, “I just want him to talk and tell us where she is at. Everyone knows he was the last person with her.”

Friends are planning a candlelight vigil for Sunday night at the Montoursville Area High School from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


  • Tom Hammer

    That scumbag of a human being ( Michael Housewaert) knows exactly what happened to Michelle Inch and exactly where she is. He had no problems with trying to kill both of her parents so I find it quite unbelievable that he wouldn’t have a problem killing Michelle. Seems odd that she would be “missing on her own” knowing her father was injured and her mother could have been! Time for some Chinese torture drills on this loser until he gives up the information. He obviously has no regard for human life, why should we pamper him with clothing, three meals a day and a bed to sleep in. Hope his cellmate in a “Big Bubba”……..

  • Deborah

    common sense tells me Housewert knows exactly where she’s at. He’s already in for the long haul, he may as well man up and talk. People like him & Vroman with no sense of remorse are evil to the core.

  • Consider this

    Are the police interrogating these guys about where she might be ?
    Anyone ever see the movie Unthinkable ?
    That is how the law should get info out of people that are not speaking up

  • Linda

    Instead of making assumptions about what happened, why not just pray for a safe return of this poor girl, and for her family. They have been going through enough. I for one will pray for them all.

    • EC

      oh please, get you off your pious high horse! of course we are all praying for her safe return save houseweart’s fans..assumptions made she was involved notwithstanding, ( I for one do not think she was), it’s a criminal mystery and comment boards are available for people to express what their thinking.

  • Sally

    The pictures of Michelle in this video are very fleeting glimpses…..need to post one that people have time to study. Canton/Troy/Towanda areas are fairly small towns where most everyone knows someone and something…get a picture out.

  • Arla Woodling

    A previous story said Houseweart was upset about posts between Michelle and a former boyfriend on Facebook. Has anyone checked if this boyfriend is still in the area. Maybe she took off with him because she feared what Houseweart might do to her.

    • Scott

      and she abandoned her bloody car where she used to to go with Houseweart and hasn’t been in touch with her family even after knowing what happened, and the people she is afraid of is in jail?

    • SMiD

      You are assuming she didn’t. Maybe she was part of the robbery and didn’t like that they tried to kill her parents. I do hope the find her alive, I’m sure she’ll be able to provide more evidence on what all was going on.

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