Salty Roads Help Car Wash Businesses

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- The brushes are spinning, covered in soapy suds. It’s a welcome sight for new car wash owner Ben Principe in East Stroudsburg.

"That's how I made my first nickel as a kid is washing neighborhood cars, so I'm back to my roots of where it all started,” Principe said.

It's been a tough start since he bought Shinetime Auto Wash and Detail Center on South Courtland Street last March.

Most cars on the road--up until now--weren't dealing with the slush, salt and snow.

"No salt on the roads means cars are staying a little cleaner, but this has been a pretty good last two weeks here."

But now, that's all changed and cars are lining up to take a bath to get rid of that salt.

"It gets caught up on your lines, and the longer it sits, it rots your lines, you know as it gets wet," said Edwin Lebron of East Stroudsburg.

Now that the salt has finally hit the roads, the number of cars going through the wash has quadrupled.

Another car wash near Tannersville on Route 611 was just as busy.

Branden Lopez of Tobyhanna stopped on his way home.

"For me, it's probably the best place to go to and it's open 24 hours so it's perfect," Lopez said.

A steady stream in and out is only expected to continue through the weekend car wash owners say.

"I've cleaned my car twice since the snow, so I'm someone who comes frequently to the car wash," Lopez added.

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