Residents Surprised and Upset As Investigation Shifts to Canton Area

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CANTON -- As the investigation into a violent home invasion near Montoursville in Lycoming County shifts to Bradford County, people living in a normally quiet community are shocked by it all.

Brian Vroman and Michael Houseweart of Canton were both arrested and charged with holding Gary and Linda Inch at gunpoint inside the couple’s home near Montoursville early Wednesday. Investigators say the men robbed the couple, bound them and torched their home. Police say Linda Inch managed to escape and run for help and her husband was rescued by firefighters.

State police are searching now for Michelle Inch, the victims' daughter who was last seen in the Canton area on Tuesday.

According to search warrants, Michelle Inch was dating Michael Houseweart and she and her parents recently reported stolen checks, which were linked to Houseweart.

Inch's missing car found on Agway Road in the Canton area Thursday. The road was blocked for hours as investigators searched the area.

At an American Legion in the Canton area, all eyes were on the news Thursday night. Many are shocked by the crime and the connection to their hometown.

"It's a really small town so you don't think anything would happen,” said Destiny Bray Miller of Canton.

“Everybody knows everybody around here. If we don't know them individually, we know the families. It was just very overwhelming for many people in this area,” said Kitty Davis of Canton.

“Hopefully they find out you know, find her, find out exactly what happened and get to the bottom of the story,” said Kelly Wesneski of Canton.

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