Enjoying the Mild Winter Weather in Middleburg

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MIDDLEBURG -- It's been a few days since the first big snowstorm of the season and there are many traces of it left in Snyder County. Middleburg plow trucks dumped piles of snow on unused borough land.

Newswatch 16 found guys digging out several days later.

"We did the parking lot here on Saturday, but then Saturday evening it snowed a little bit more, so this is more or less our second round of cleaning up," Roger Shambach said.

"We'll take it as it comes. We learn to live with it," Gene Gloss said.

Middleburg got just over a foot of snow.

Roger Shambach and Gene Gloss were busy shoveling because when the plows come through the sidewalks need to be shoveled again.

"Sometimes it takes two or three times to get the sidewalks cleaned," Shambach said.

Gloss just celebrated his 80th birthday and says shoveling snow keeps him fit.

"I contribute my health and hard work so I love to do this," Gloss said.

Even so, we didn't find too many people out shoveling, because Middleburg was cleared up, for the most part. We found people out enjoying the winter weather.

"Nice day to be out walking. It's lovely out today. No jacket needed. That's what I like," Ruth Uskurait said.

Newswatch 16 found some people taking winter walks through Middleburg.

"It's not icy. It's melting down. It's beautiful out today," Uskurait said.

"When it warms up, we take a walk. So we walked for about 45 minutes to an hour," Nancy Stull said.

Most of the people we spoke with hope this was their first and only snowstorm of the season.

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