Lansford Roads Covered with Snow

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LANSFORD -- It was hard to see the streets in Lansford Monday amid the massive snow piles.

The borough's two full time and one part time plow drivers are trying to get the job done.

"Just trying to push the slush off the road, throw some salt down, keep it melting, push it back wherever we can, make the streets wider," said borough worker Greg Dailey.

Public works chairman Martin Ditsky says it's the borough's job to plow curb to curb after any snowfall of more than four inches, but on Sunday, they didn't have anyone out clearing snow at all. Even the meters in front of the borough building are buried.

"The men were tired. We couldn't get enough people out and we had to fix the equipment. The equipment cannot run 24/7 without it breaking down," said Ditsky.

Officials say snow removal will start Tuesday, beginning on Kline Street.

Folks who live in Lansford say it's somewhat frustrating.

"It's nothing new to us," said Michael Teras." It's just a headache. That's all it is."

Some folks who have shoveled out parking spaces have resorted to using chairs to save the spot for later because these snow piles are taking up most of the parking and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Michelle Lucas was working to free her car with the help of two of her sons and her dog Tia, hoping the roads improve.

"Well, let's just hope that somebody clears up these roads real quick for us, you know. It's a little slushy," Lucas said.

Borough officials say the budget doesn't allow for more hires, and right now they're doing the best they can.

"I'm asking people please be patient," Ditsky said.

Snow removal in Lansford is expected on Kline, Water, Snyder and possibly Front Street on Tuesday.