Wayne Memorial Hospital Looking to Expand Trauma Services

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HONESDALE -- Wayne Memorial Hospital is trying to expand its trauma services by securing a helicopter and landing pad near the hospital in Honesdale.

Hospital officials met with the borough council Thursday night to discuss the project.

Some folks who live near the site are worried about how loud and bright the helicopter would be.

The council is expected to vote on the matter during their meeting next month.


  • Franko

    People are ridiculous in NEPA — They’ll complain when we don’t have the services and have to have people LifeFlighted to places like Geisinger Danville for trauma or Allentown, and then complain that it is so far away, etc, but then we have a hospital that wants to have one to serve our country and people are against it — Wah Wah, oh the lights, wah wah oh the noise… Hey people, do you realize how many times trauma helicopters are actually in use? Not very often… They are only called in for very severe instance when it is determined that a person will not survive the ambulance trip… The ambulanced run by your homes more often with their sirens and lights and a helicopter would. Or are you going to protest and try to limit the use of Ambulances driving by as well? As for the lights, it makes me wonder — are you living in a tower or something that the lights from the helicopter would bother you because in your 1 level crackerjack box home you would never see the approaching lights unless you are living right next to the helipad. But that is what Wayne County tends to be about — the county of slow progress because there are people whose families have been here for generations and they want things to stay the way they always have been. It has taken 30 years just to get the conveniences that we have, and basically that’s all been within the last 15 years or so, all because people are to thick headed to let this county creep into some form of modernization. People are against everything — want to build a store, let’s fight it, want to build a new business, let’s fight it, want to expand a school, let’s fight it, etc, want an industrial park, let’s fight it – but then let’s turn around and complain because there are no jobs in the area and complain that you have to drive an hour in the winter for work… And then they all sit around and complain because their kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, all graduate from HS, and leave and only a few percentage of them ever come back, and why — because we are behind the times. There is nothing in Wayne County to make the younger generation want to stick around, there is very little opportunity unless you want to work a minimum wage job. Welcome to Wayne County, where we tend to be so far behind the times that the Declaration of Independence was just signed a couple of decades ago… That’s how slow and impossible progress can be…

    • Nameless

      *starts a slow cap* I could not have said it any better myself.

      I forgot that whole 30 seconds of whirring over your house is such a detrimental distress in your life….
      MEANWHILE, up 25,000 feet in the air a crew is trying to stabilize a life long enough to get them the care they need to survive, while a family is hanging onto a hope that their relative can pull through and recover so that they do not have to prepare a funeral arrangements and say goodbye…

      A few years ago at the Wayne County fair, a girl I know tragically died at the fair, and being that wayne memorial did not have life flight on hand in order to get her to Danville, she passed away. An 18 year old girl went into cardiac arrest and could not be flown to her primary hospital fast enough to be saved nor did they have proper equipment to handle this situation, while this is not Wayne Memorials fault, and they did the best they could to save her, but had she not have to wait 15 minutes at WM for a flight, she may still be here.

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