Man Accused of Robbing a Dollar Store

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- A man accused of holding up a dollar store in Luzerne County is facing charges Saturday night.

Scott Kielkucki faces robbery, assault, and other charges.

Officers tell us Kielkucki entered the Family Dollar on Carey Avenue, near Wilkes-Barre, told the cashier he had a gun and demanded money.

No one was hurt.

Police picked up Kielkucki nearby after the armed robbery.


  • Noneyo

    Dollar tree really. What was he looking to get away with like 10 dollars. Well if he was that bad off he should have robbed a bank. Probably needed a few bucks for drugs.

    • SmokeWeedEveryday

      It is too bad we do not have any resources to help drug addicts in need. Although many people refuse to believe it, drug addicts are people just like you and I. If he was actually doing this for drugs, I hope he gets the help he needs. We will see more and more of this because people think the drug problem is going to disappear. We need to help each other.

  • gutteratt

    If no one was hurt, how do they charge for assault? Not that I don’t think he should get whatever’s coming! Just curious. Threatening with a firearm under the circumstance could be assault I would think. Dude get a job.

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