Powerball Provides Hope and Some Business, Too

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Hopeful, optimistic, or maybe just plain crazy: it's how many people are feeling as they get ready for yet another record-breaking Powerball jackpot drawing.

As you go in to buy your tickets hoping for the jackpot, places that sell the lucky numbers are making out pretty well.

"They get their tickets. They buy a snack. They get a drink, get Dunkin' Donuts. It helps us," said Kathy Nicholls, manager of Fegley's Mini Mart.

Fegley's Mini Mart in downtown Tamaqua sold more than $6,000 worth of Powerball tickets in the past few days. Usually, the shop would sell a few hundred dollars-worth.

"A lot that are putting their money together and getting tickets so they have a bigger chance," said Nichollas.

That's the case at Murphy Jeweler's in Pottsville. A dozen employees are in on the office pool, giving them more 30 than possible winning combinations.

"It feels lucky. I think everybody has that feeling inside that tonight's going to be the night," said Patrick Murphy.

Murphy is in a few different pools. So far, he's contributed to a couple hundred tickets.

"We were very lucky. We've won $4 so far."

Not every employee has gotten in on the pool, but those who have vow to spread the wealth if they hit the jackpot.

"We would all share. We would share. We're family."

As much as she loves to share, Debra Witmer says she'll get one or two tickets for herself.

"I'm in the one here at work, but I just might stop at the convenience store on the way home."

You can watch the Powerball drawing live on WNEP-TV at 11 p.m.

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