Police Search for Blue Bandanna Bandit

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A bandit wearing a blue bandanna seems to be hitting one business after another in the Williamsport area.

There have been at least four armed robberies in the Williamsport area since the beginning of the year. Each time, a guy with a blue bandanna shows a weapon and gets away with cash.

It was before noon in broad daylight when police say a robber demanded money from the worker at the Swisher Quick Store in Hughesville.

"Usually, you think something would happen at night but it's happening during the day now," said Hughesville Police Chief Rod Smith.

The clerk at one store told police a man wearing a gray hoodie and a bandanna around his face walked through the door around 11 a.m.

"Took the clerk with the gun and emptied the cash register and proceeded to leave the store," said Chief Smith.

That suspect was caught on camera when he robbed Puff Tobacco products earlier this month.

Police aren't sure if the "bandanna robber" is the same guy or someone playing copycat.

"Just because he is using the same stuff, it might be someone out there that is paying attention to the news and using the same clothing to do this to the stores. We're not sure. We're working on it," added Chief Smith.

"Well, he got the same MO, he got a hoodie, a mask around his face from the nose to his mouth," said James Scantling of Williamsport.

The Nittany Minit Mart in Loyalsock was robbed Sunday.

Two days earlier, cameras in the Panda Chinese Restaurant in Williamsport got a picture of a robbery suspect.


Ling Lu's family owns the place on West Fourth Street. His mother came face to face with the robber.

"This guy, kind of quiet, he know what he doing, kind of like professional, come in grabbed the money and run," Ling Lu explained.

"He's quick in and out so if you see someone with a hoodie and a mask, duck down, call the police," Scantling said.

Anyone with information about the recent robberies is asked to call police.


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