Defying The Odds, Bowler Throws Perfect 900

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- On a night where the talk is all about the odds, what do you suppose are the odds of a bowler throwing three perfect games in a row?

It happened in Lycoming County Tuesday night. A man scored a 900 series during a league match.

“Bowling, you have to have luck in there too. And I think that was my lucky frame.”

Luck aside, the man's got talent, managing to score a strike with ease.

But if Dale Gerhard wants to break his record from Tuesday night, he's got to throw a lot more.

YouTube video shows Gerhard at the Harvest Moon Lounge and Lanes near Williamsport where he scored a 900 after throwing all strikes in three back to back league games.

At first, Gerhard didn't even realize what was happening.

“I never really concentrated on the score,” said Gerhard. “I was actually talking to my teammates, every single time, and when I was my time to get up, I went through my normal routine.”

But as the games went on what could be happening became apparent to everyone else in the room.

The co-owner of Harvest Moon, David Miller, could not believe what he was seeing his longtime friend do.

“Everybody just kept watching and watching, and when we got to the 10th frame, everybody quit. It was like 20 cell phones, taking video of him, the whole time as he was bowling,” said Miller.

“The whole bowling alley went quiet. You could hear a pin drop literally,” said bowler Kevan Lovell from Jersey Shore.

“Once I seen it, once the 10th pin was the last to go down,” said Gerhard. “Then it hit me, right then and there, hit it me all at once. I just threw a dream, something you just dream about.”

The United States Bowling Congress, which regulates organized bowling leagues says it is already in the process of reviewing Gerhard's USBC membership status and certification in order to recognize him for this accomplishment.

If that happens, the USBC say Gerhard will be just the 28th person to do so.

The question is if he can beat those odds, what others odds could he be possibly beat? The Powerball?

“I already bought a ticket yesterday,” said Gerhard, laughing.


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