Baby Ingests Meth, Parents Charged

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LANSFORD -- A baby stroller still sits outside of a home on Spring Garden Street in Lansford, but two people who live there are now behind bars for putting two of their children in danger.

Joseph Navarre and Melissa O'Brien are charged with making methamphetamine inside the home, exposing a baby and a two year old to the drug.

People who live nearby said the parents seemed like your average neighbors.

"They wave. They say hi to you when you see them. Nobody would have ever expected something like that would be happening right around the corner," said Jennifer Menzies of Lansford.

Police say the couple's seven month old was taken to a hospital and someone told the doctors the baby swallowed laundry detergent, but medical testing showed the baby had meth in its system.

That prompted police to search Navarre and O'Brien's home, where authorities found materials used to make meth.

The whole ordeal had parents in Carbon County pretty upset.

"I don't know why they had to lie about it and why you would put your kid in that danger. It's scary," Menzies said.

"How does a seven-month-old baby get meth? If you're going to be a drug dealer, have it put away. Don't have it where a seven-month-old baby can grab it," said Angelea Schlier of Lansford.

Many people in Lansford say they're sick to their stomach after hearing about this drug bust, but many people also say this is just the beginning of the drug problem in Carbon County.

"Heroin is worse than meth around here. What do you think should be done about it? They should bust everybody," Schlier said.

There is no word on the condition of the baby, but that child and the two year old are now in the custody of Carbon County Children and Youth Services.


  • Jamie

    I thank they should get bet the death for some shit like that they could killed them kids so sad why have kids if u cant take care of them mmm this so sad

  • BlazeUp

    Meth is actually good for babies, according to new studies. For years meth has gotten a bad wrap, but now we are finally seeing the medical benefits! I guarantee that baby feels fine right now maybe even better than before! We all need to embrace meth for the wonder drug it is.

  • chinacat110

    This is when C&Y should be able to terminate parental rights immediately. No second chances. This baby could’ve died. Both kids have been exposed to the fumes and now more than likely will have some kind of brain damage. Very heartbreaking what addiction is doing in our society and nothing much is being done about it. It’s almost like our government has become complicit wirh it all.

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