Hoping for Winter Weather

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POTTSVILLE -- If you need snow shovels, sleds, or ice melt, you can take your pick at most stores right now.

Thanks to a warm winter, many places like Hadesty's Ace Hardware in Pottsville are loaded with the stuff.

Employees at the place on West Market Street aren't planning on moving the summer items to the front of the store just yet. With some snow in the forecast, there's a snowflake of hope for some big sales.

"We're hoping for some snow and ice and all," said James Davenport, a salesman at Hadesty's.

During a typical winter, all that would be left of the ice melt and rock salt would one pallet, but that's not the case this year.

"Usually we would have maybe about 15-20 percent out there. Right now, we have at least 80-85 percent of our supplies out there."

Newswatch 16 found one person picking up ice melt.

David Buleza has yet to use his plow truck this year, but he picked up some supplies just in case.

"They're calling for a dusting or whatever, but I like to keep as much as I can."

Employees at Hadesty's are hopeful for some winter weather.

"You just have to, I guess, wing it," said Davenport.

People in the coal industry don't exactly welcome the warmer winter either.

Plenty of Saint Nicholas coal bags are sitting outside of hardware stores, but the president of the Balschak Coal, Greg Driscoll, says the company is still making money.

"We sell to the steel industry, we sell to water filtration, we sell coal to the pizza ovens."

If you want to know just how much snow is in the forecast, check out the Stormtracker 16 forecast.

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