Protesters Take a Stand Against Fracking in Harrisburg

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DAUPHIN COUNTY -- Farmers took a stand against fracking Saturday.

A group of protesters took to the opening day of the farm show holding signs and chanting letting Governor Tom Wolf know they want him to ban fracking.

It's part of the process energy companies use to get natural gas out of the Marcellus Shale throughout some of our area.

During the rally, farmers and supporters shared stories of how fracking has left animals sick and even contaminated farmland.

"The entire scope of this issue, of all the gas drilling, trying to get it out for corporate to go overseas and get a better price for it," added supporter Tom Church. "Some of the aspects of this people just need to think of these things."

Advocates of natural gas drilling say it brings jobs to struggling area of the commonwealth.


  • ElizabethZ

    Only until we cannot drink the water or breathe the air will we realize WE CANNOT EAT MONEY. Apparently, lower gas prices are worth contaminating the land for future generations.

  • JayR

    Only reason oil price went down was that Saudi Arabia greatly increased production and demand is lower. Most jobs were filled by their own people brought in from out of state. Only reason for pipeline is to transport gas to coast to put on ships to sell outside of USA like China. What a great idea use our clean water to bring gas to surface along with all of the contamination and then contaminate the surface water that is left when the casings leak – and they will. Just to make the gas companies have more profit – not to give anyone here any descent jobs. Great propaganda machine.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Low prices for gasoline and heating oil, and independence from Middle Eastern terrorists.
    Yup, fracking is just horrible.

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