Truck Axle Crashes Through Windshield, Narrowly Misses Mom Taking Kids to School

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ARCHBALD -- Many say it's a miracle nobody was hurt in a bizarre crash along the Casey Highway in Lackawanna County on Wednesday.

The axle of a truck came off and hit the windshield of an SUV going the other way.

We spoke to the woman who was driving the SUV. She was taking her kids to school when they had that very close call. She said they were shaken up, but glad everyone is OK.

The still photos may first leave you scratching your head. When you take a look inside the SUV, you can see just how strange this is.

A mom of three was driving her kids to school Wednesday morning on the Casey Highway (Route 6) in Archbald when a tire and its axle broke off a pickup truck traveling in the opposite lanes.

The SUV hit it. First, it flew into the air and crashed through the windshield with the mom in the front seat.

"That's something you see in a movie. That's like 'Final Destination.' Actually, that's exactly what I said. She's lucky, lucky to be alive," said David Duchnik of Duchnik's towing.

Duchnik was dispatched to tow the SUV. It's now on his company's property in Scott Township.

The woman who was driving didn't want to be identified, but she did tell us over the phone that she thinks one thing may have saved her life. She says her teenage son was driving the SUV the night before and had the seat back farther than she normally would have. And those few inches may have made all the difference.

The woman says the axle came through the windshield at an angle, missing her by a few inches.

She and her two children in the SUV were shaken up but uninjured.

This story has a happy ending but Duchnik says it's definitely one he will never forget.

"I've seen a lot, a lot of good stuff, a lot of really bad stuff, but I've never seen something like this. This could have been a real, real tragedy," Duchnik said.

State police say the tire came off of a 1998 Ford pickup truck. That driver was also uninjured but troopers are still investigating the crash and could cite the driver of the pickup.


  • Arizona

    Very excellent job on the part of the Mom. Something spontaneously crashing through the windshield, instantaneously blocking the vision of the driver, on a highway going speed limit, can be shocking to even an experienced driver, and they can end up off the road or into another vehicle. She did a good job keeping it on the road. And thank goodness her son left the seat back! Very happy to see nobody was hurt!

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