Snow Plowers Wait for Business

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MONROE COUNTY – Usually by now, parking spaces all over our area would have been plowed at least once. But not this winter because there’s been no snow.

So people who plow for a living are losing money. What are they doing to make up for lost profits?

Folks who rely on plowing streets, parking lots and sidewalks are doing the best they can to stay busy and keep as many of their employees as possible on the payroll.

The snow plows sit in a straight line waiting for snow near Marshalls Creek, a tough sight for Zech Strauser who runs this snow management company.

"We are not doing out traditional work of snow plowing and salting and shoveling,” said Strauser.

So far, they’ve cleared less than an inch of sleet and ice early last week.

Now to keep busy, workers are power washing leaf blowers, cleaning up from summer and fall landscaping, hoping sooner rather than later, they’ll be running full steam ahead with winter work.

"Whenever it's snowing a lot, you don't have time to do that, so we're still playing some catch-up probably from the last two years,” said Strauser.

Until then, the salt pile sits and waits for the next round of winter weather.

This lack of snow hasn't stopped people from getting ready for it at Pocono Four Wheel Drive Center. They've installed at least 50 new plows over the past few months.

“People hate to rely on somebody else, or the price may be a little high for them to have somebody else do it for you,” said Paul Bridges of Pocono Four Wheel Drive Center.

Two new plows sit in the front lot near Stroudsburg, ready for the next storm to hit the Poconos.

But not too many people are dropping by with broken plows looking for parts just yet.

"That will come when it snows, that will come when it snows,” said Bridges.

Strauser says looking at the forecast his crews may be hitting the roads as early as this weekend laying down salt if nothing else.

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