Powerball Jackpot up to $500 Million

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RINGTOWN -- Half a billion dollars could be yours if you're the lucky person who wins Wednesday night's Powerball lottery drawing.

It's one of the biggest jackpots in history and people in our area are buying tickets like crazy.

So many people across the country have been buying those Powerball tickets, that just before noon Wednesday, the jackpot increased by another $50 million.

We stopped by a shop in Schuylkill County that has had some lottery luck to see if people think they have a chance at the Powerball.

Rentschler's Ice Cream Parlor in Ringtown became a revolving door for people buying lottery tickets.

The Powerball jackpot is one of the largest ever at $500 million.

And this shop in Schuylkill County is already lucky; last weekend someone won $1 million after buying a ticket from the place.

"It was really nice," said Nancy Stauffer. "It was one of our regular customers who comes in all the time."

Since someone already won $1 million at this place, people from out of the area are coming to get their Powerball tickets.

"There's a group from Shenandoah that came and they played, thinking this is where the lucky one is going to be."

Others aren't too sure lightning will strike twice in Ringtown, but they bought a Powerball ticket anyway.

"They probably won't get another one for another million years, but you never know!" said Michael Bernotas of Brandonville.

Some people have strategies for picking the numbers or how many tickets they want.

"I actually got two. I bought them both with the power play," explained Ginger Hart of Ringtown.

Of course, everyone thinks they have the winning ticket. If only one person hits the magic numbers, the cash payout would be $306 million -- not too bad.

Millie Stauffer made a promise to the cashier at Rentschler's if she wins.

"If I hit the lottery, I have to take her and her husband for lobster tail!"

While others would invest all their winnings.

"You wouldn't spend any of it up front?"

"I would not," said Tristin Lysogroski of Drums. "Not even, nope!"

Rentschler's in Ringtown got $5,000 for selling the $1million winner last weekend.

The owner doesn't know how much money the place would get if a winning Powerball ticket was sold there, but she says so far 2016 is pretty lucky.

You can see the Powerball drawing Wednesday night at 11 p.m. on WNEP-TV.

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