Binghamton Responds to President’s Action on Guns

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- During President Obama's speech on executive action on gun control, he mentioned a mass shooting that took place in Binghamton.

"It wasn't the first time I had to talk to the nation in response to a mass shooting nor would it be the last: Fort Hood, Binghamton."

One of the mass shootings mentioned by President Obama happened a little more than 50 miles north of Scranton in 2009. A gunman opened fire at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, New York, killing 13.

"It makes me replay what had happened and I feel sad about it."

Goretti Mugambwa wasn't working at the association when gunman Jiverly Wong took his own life and the lives of many others, but she remembers the day like it was yesterday. She applauds the president for taking action and remembering what happened nearly seven years ago.

"It really makes me feel like someone is listening."

People at the American Civic Association tell us even though hearing President Obama mention what happened in 2009 opened up some old wounds, they are relieved to know that something may be done about mental health and gun control.

Luis Gonzales has lived in the city since 1991. He remembers waking up to the news of the mass shooting. He tells us he doesn't think every mass shooting can be prevented, but it's nice to finally see top officials trying.

"It's bad. I'm glad he mentioned us. I know you can only do so much and I'm glad that he is trying," Gonzales said.

But one woman we met in Binghamton thinks the president's speech is just talk and she believes if more people had guns, the Binghamton shooter might have been stopped.

"If he knew that there were going to be people resisting him, I think he would have given it a second thought, and I think many others would be avoided because of it," said Catherine Maczko of Vestal.

Others told us all they can do is wait to see if the president's actions will actually help prevent tragedies like what happened in Binghamton in April of 2009.


  • jbrony69

    If people think the actions of their president are going to make any difference, they are more delusional than he is. I would love to see someone go through all the data from ‘mass shootings’ over the last few years to see if they could have / would have been prevented. Yep, make them harder to get – it’s worked so well for drugs all these years.

  • magicmikexxsm

    it’s stupid people like this Goretti Mugambwa, who thinks our lying mouth piece of a president is going to change anything with his exec orders……next president trump will just reverse them…..

  • Dan Gray

    He CANT it violates Title 18 USC Section 926, Article 1 Section 1 of the US Constitution (powers of the legislative branch), Article 2 of the US Constitution (powers of the executive branch) , The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution clearly says that unless the Constitution specifically authorizes a power to a branch of Government, they do not and never have had it, and Article 2 never grants ANY president the power of an executive order.As such Obamas statement isnt worth the paper he needs to blow his nose. And ANY attorney or police officer that tries to enforce this, or BATF agent, can and should be charged with the willful commission of a federal felony after the fact, which means they will lose their job and go to prison.

    Not to mention that there is already a legal challenge against this unconstitutional action

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